Avoid These Three Critical Resume Mistakes


Most job-seekers make three common mistakes, according to author Jeffrey Fox. Fox lists the three errors in the Q&A interview he did with Quint Careers. Mistake #1 is using one resume for every company when all companies are different. Mistake #2 is to substitute networking for doing company research. Networking is important, but so is the research that will enable you to prepare a customized resume and excel in the interview. Mistake #3 is “starting with the human resource or personnel department of a company. The human resource people are not the hirers (unless one is looking for a job in personnel); they are gatekeepers. The human resources people look for reasons to reject.” In the book, Don’t Send A Resume, several short chapters help job-seekers navigate the job-seeking process, avoiding the common mistakes. Basically, every job-seeker is unique and special, and should market herself or himself in a special way.