Resume Must Stand on Its Own Since Cover Letter May Not Be Read


As we’ve noted many times in this space, somewhere between half and two-thirds of hiring decision-makers don’t read cover letters. That’s why a cover letter cannot overcome an incomplete or weak resume, says the white paper, Findings of 2010 Global Career Brainstorming Day: Trends for the Now, the New & the Next in Careers. The brainstorming day was held in December 2010 by the Career Thought Leaders Consortium, publishers of the white paper. Job-seekers have often been advised to use cover letters to explain problematic situations, such as gaps in employment. Now they must find non-damaging ways to do so in their resumes. “Resumes must stand on their own and include critical information that, if left out, would exclude [the job-seeker] from consideration for a particular opportunity,” the white paper notes.