Resume? Think 21st Century


We invited 15 of the top career and job-search experts — our Quintessential Careers Career Masterminds — to share their advice with our readers as part of Quint Careers’s 15th anniversary. We asked them (among six other questions): What are the most common strategic mistakes you see on job-seeker resumes? (See all their responses here.) We’re running a series of responses; here’s one of them: QC-15th-year-logo.jpg Failing to step into the 21st century when writing a resume is one of the biggest mistakes that job-seekers make. Those willing to think beyond those outdated, 1990s resume strategies and layouts, typically discover an easier job search with more job roles to choose from.

How can job-seekers avoid these mistakes? Start by developing a branding statement, integrating heavy-hitting achievements, and focusing the resume content toward the right job and industry. Job-seekers would do themselves a great service by seeing their resumes through the eyes of employers as well. Just because a job-seeker sees every skill and achievement that’s important, doesn’t translate to the employer seeing the same.
      — Teena Rose