Resume Samples

Resume Samples

17 Jun, 2015|| Resume Samples

Perfecting Your CV for a HR Role

When you work in HR your CV will probably look somewhat different to if you were working in another industry. There are certain things that should be included on your CV that will really make it stand out among a mass of other job applications. The following advice can help you to ensure that your résumé is going to get you noticed and will help you progress in your HR career.

27 Feb, 2014|| Resume Samples

What Are the Most Over-Used Cliches in CV Writing?

If you’re going to catch a recruiter’s eye when making a job application, then you need to ensure you’ve got something they haven’t seen before. Stuffing your CV with clichés is a sure-fire way of being ignored. Avoid the following if at all possible.

15 Nov, 2012|| Resume Samples

Writing Information Technology Objectives for a Resume

IT Resume ObjectiveResumes vary according to the field in which you, the job seeker, want to apply and even the company in which you have the interest to work with. As you might know, the first,and in many ways, the most important part of your resume will be your resume objective statement, it’ll be the reason why potential employers will take interest on your resume or discard it at a glance.

Whether might be the position in which you want to work, engineer, developer, scientist, analystor researcher, you need to distinguish the difference between a standard professional resume and one related to information technology field. In the case of Information technology resumes, you need to highlight the technologies where you possess an expertise. However, it’s obvious that you cannot add all those technologies in the short objective, but you can consider the most relevant, the rest of the information can be included on a specific section of the resume.

14 Nov, 2012|| Resume Samples

Ten tips on writing a Resume Objective Statement with examples

Resume objective statements are pretty important when you’re writing your own resume; this statement will help you convince potential employers that you’re the right person for the job and you know what you want to do and you’re familiar with the company and the field.Resume Objective Statement

When writing a resume, it’s important to customize the document as much as you can, there’s no reason or excuse why you can use the same resume for each job you want to apply. Remember that a resume objective is a short summary of your profile and your career, and the relation of this information with what employers are looking for.


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