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Rethink Full Disclosure on Resume in Favor of Most Relevant


Continuing the resume-polishing tips begun recently: Resume Polishing Tip #5: Rethink Full Disclosure to Most Relevant
Your resume should tell a story — one that conveys your brand and tells the employer the benefits of hiring you. Your resume is not your life story, and should not include all the details of your work life. Don’t worry so much about resume length as much as resume relevance. Too many job-seekers are focused either on including everything on the resume or struggling with the number of pages. Be as concise as you can (as current trend is toward shorter resumes), but focus on making your resume as long as it needs to be to tell the story of why you are an ideal candidate — and thus should be interviewed for the job. Finally, remember a cardinal rule of resume-writing: disclose no negative information — or any information that could get you eliminated from contention.