Send Hard Copy Resume In Addition to Electronic Version


Here’s a tip for following up an e-mailed resume submission to a company’s Web site. In their syndicated column, Kate Wendleton and Dale Dauten advise mailing a hard-copy version of your resume and cover letter as a follow up to an online submission through the employer’s site. “As it nears the time to actually make the decision about whom to interview,” Dauten writes, “paper has the advantages: Managers can easily take a stack of resumes to lunch or on a bus; they can circle items of interest or make notes right on the resume; the person leading the hiring can sit with colleagues and look together at the candidates’ qualifications; and finally, many hiring managers will use resumes in interviews.” Dauten adds that mailing a paper version ensures that the resume will arrive looking the way you intended, “while having both versions circulating can only improve your chances of your resume ending up in front of the right pair of eyes.” Need help with your resume, cover letter, or other career-marketing document? Order today from Quintessential Resumes and Cover Letters.