Sending Your Letter (and Resume) Electronically


Applying to jobs online? When you are looking for a job, make everything you do easy for the employer. If the employer has to spend more time on your application than on others, guess what? He or she won’t; he or she will simply move on to the next applicant. Make cover letters and resumes sent over the Internet as easy as possible for employers so they’ll consider your application. Always send your cover letter and resume as unformatted text within the email message as well as formatted as attachments — unless the employer specifies no attachments. Some employers want only text, while others request formatted attachments. Still others don’t open attachments for fear of viruses or other security reasons, and some may not be able to open your attachments because of software incompatibilities. Need help with your resume, cover letter, or other career-marketing document? Order today from Quintessential Resumes and Cover Letters.