Should a LinkedIn Profile Look Like a Resume?


HR pro turned consultant Sharlyn Lauby, recently asked professional resume writer Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter, president of CareerTrend, whether a person’s LinkedIn profile should look like his or her resume. Jacqui’s response:
“The LinkedIn profile is not a mini-me resume. Though the resume will fuel the LinkedIn profile, the LI profile should include distinctive language and have its own style. For example, the Summary section is an opportunity for first-person narrative, akin to the tone of a professional biography that briefly and impactfully articulates one’s unique value proposition. As well, in the Experience section, though bullets and snippets of one’s resume may be woven in, it’s not a copy and paste process, but a selective development that includes highlights from the resume achievements and power statements. Moreover, the LinkedIn profile offers billboard space on which to display feeds from your professional blog and Twitter, SlideShare presentations and full recommendations. This multimedia venue is an adjunct to the resume, another vehicle in which to drive career and value proposition content in a unique way that complements the resume.”