Should You Consider a Functional Format for Your Resume?


Today’s resumes generally fall into one of two broad categories. They are either chronological (actually reverse chronological, listing all your experience from most to least recent) and functional, which lists experience in skills clusters. If you’re planning to create your resume for the first time or update your old resume, you might wonder whether a functional format is right for you. Among jobseekers who should consider a functional format:
  • Those with very diverse experiences that don’t add up to a clear-cut career path.
  • College students with minimal experience and/or experience unrelated to their chosen career field.
  • Career-changers who wish to enter a field very different from what all their previous experience points to.
Be aware, however, that many employers dislike any kind of functional format. Even if you’re a good candidate for a functional/chrono-functional resume, consider also having a chronological version and go back to the chronological version if the functional/chrono-functional resume doesn’t seem to be working for you.