Should You Consider a Web-Based Resume-Building Service?


Web-based resume-building services like VisualCV and Emurse have been around for several years. In fact, as far back as 2001, a site called 10MinuteResume offered Web-based resume-building (10MinuteResume has morphed into Pongo Resume, which also offers a resume builder, as well as a cover-letter builder.) Recently, a number of new sites have jumped into the resume-building game. Over the next several days, we’ll be serializing an article providing an overview of some of them, as well as thoughts on the value of Web-based resume builders compared to engaging a professional resume writer or preparing your own resume unaided. I did not build a resume on any of the sites but explored each of them enough to form an opinion of the products offered. We welcome other opinions from users or the folks behind these sites, which we’ll publish at a later date. VisualCV Most of these services offer free basic products, with some also offering the opportunity to upgrade to gain access to additional services. In some cases, additional costs are not readily apparent and are discovered only through digging through the site or signing up.