Skills on Resume Should Go Deeper than Buzzwords


The majority of employers enter resumes keyword-searchable databases, so job-seekers should know key skills and software packages and list them as appropriate, said human resources manager John Logan in the Q&A interview he did with Quint Careers. Having those key words on a resume will get a candidate into the search pool, but employers still have to review each resume to understand the depth of skills in desired areas. Job-seekers should remember that it’s NOT about buzzwords, it’s about having the skills that an employer needs. Employers should remember that resume databases are tools to help find candidates with required skills, but those databases cannot replace reviewing resumes against the job specifications. “Despite technology, I believe there is still some art in the employment process,” Logan said. Database systems may not format a resume correctly, and appearances do count to interviewers. Job-seekers in creative fields (graphic design, advertising, performance, etc.) have more leeway in resume format.