Social Media Resume

Social Media Resume

17 Feb, 2013|| Social Media Resume

Can a Social Media Resume help in your job search?

Social Media ResumeSocial media resume in today’s time is very important for anyone who is seriously looking for a job. The beauty of this kind of resume is that it pulls employers to you instead of pushing your resume to them. There are several caveats that you need to keep in mind right before you decide to opt for this route.

Gone are the days when you need to go to different places and buildings of diverse companies to sell your resume. Social media can help you especially if you have an impressive online resume.

25 Sep, 2012|| Social Media Resume

How to use Social Media in your Job Search

The most common way to find a job is by networking, in past years one could find a new job through networking, maybe a friend or family or a professional related acquaintance of you. However, these days, job search has more and more tools and techniques to improve and get the ideal job. In fact the Internet is a powerful tool and social media is used to network and eventually find a job.

Social Media Resumeit’s for sure that you’ve heard about using social media for hunting job, and that you’re mission career opportunities if you Don’t use these tools; maybe you have an account in some or at least one of these social networks: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Quora, Likedln and even Pinterest, but you used them to contact with friends or have some entertainment on these “fun” sites. Well it’s time to use them seriously and in your benefit.


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