How to use Social Media in your Job Search

How to use Social Media in your Job Search

25 Sep, 2012


The most common way to find a job is by networking, in past years one could find a new job through networking, maybe a friend or family or a professional related acquaintance of you. However, these days, job search has more and more tools and techniques to improve and get the ideal job. In fact the Internet is a powerful tool and social media is used to network and eventually find a job.

Social Media Resumeit’s for sure that you’ve heard about using social media for hunting job, and that you’re mission career opportunities if you Don’t use these tools; maybe you have an account in some or at least one of these social networks: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Quora, Likedln and even Pinterest, but you used them to contact with friends or have some entertainment on these “fun” sites. Well it’s time to use them seriously and in your benefit.

In this section we will help you to know how to use Social Media in your job search efficiently, including information and tips you can use for each one of the most popular and used social networks.


LikedInit’s the social network for professionals, if you see any profile in this site you can see a kind of resume of each user that’s why according to statistics most companies that hire via social media visit LikedIn. If you Don’t have social media experience, this is the first account you must create. it’s also important because employers will Google you and the first results will be of LikedIn profiles, it’s for sure that you want your profile to the top of search result so employers will see what you want them to see.

You can use LikeIn for searching about the company in which you want to get a job and connect with employees of that company and see if there’s any job available.

You can send messages to people on your professional network if you’re looking for a job, if there’s any information it’s for sure that they will let you know about it, just as if you ask for help to your family or friends.

You can use LikedIn to link to your personal blog, in that way you let know people in which things you’re interested and if you post something it’ll be shown on your profile.

LikedIn also have connections with other social networks so you can see this as an opportunity too.

it’s important to update your profile regularly to better inform the people that could consider you for a new job, and create an enticing headline for your profile so it could impact other readers (just as one could impress with a resume objective).


TwitterTwitter accounts will allow you connect with people with similar interests as yours, using a harsh tags in your searches it will become easier.

Using a twitter account will let you heard about jobs available in companies from areas you are interested and you’ll be able to ask for the information by twitting people in charge. You can also connect with people and business that know about jobs.

Remember to read the bio of people before following them, so you can decide if it will be convenient and if this person could connect you with other interesting people (people that work in your area).

There are tools in twitter also, that through some searches in user bios and Url of the bios, give you lists with people you might be interested in contacting with, and for example people that works in certain company you would love to work.

If you’re creating a new account we recommend you to use your name, it will help you in search engine results and easier to find, and when you contact people not only follow them, but also send a brief Direct message letting them know your interest and asking for some references.


FacebookMost people use Facebook to contact friends and family but this social network has a great power when using it strategically in searching jobs. Many recruiters (in fact more than a half) use Facebook when looking for talent because Facebook posts show them if you’re active in your field (sharing related links and interesting information) and if you’re a philanthropist and use your time and money helping other people.

However, if there’s personal information you Don’t want a potential employer to see, you can change your privacy settings and let only to family and friends see the personal updates.

If you’re looking for a job, let people know your situation and update your status with related activities. If you are writing a blog and you want to post a new article, it’ll be helpful to post it also on Facebook, so it becomes viral and you reach more people.

If you’re employer, Don’t complain about your job or your boss on your status and Don’t talk about drugs, alcohol or sex; it will be even graver.

It will be helpful if you hyperlink your resume, it means to add to your resume your user accounts or links for the different social networks you are connected, it’s a skill valued by many employers.

Written by: Xavier Colomain


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