Study Qualifications Section of Job Posting to Target Your Resume


Earlier this year, Jerome Young of wrote a blog post for entitled, How to Decode a Job Posting, which has implications for resume preparation. We’re looking at Young’s post in three entries here, starting with the job title, discussed in Wednesday’s post and responsibilities in Thursday’s post. Today: Qualifications:
The qualifications section provides insight into the experience, skills and education the hiring manager has in mind for the person they feel will be capable of excelling in the role. As in the responsibilities section, the first three qualifications are usually the most important. If you meet those top three qualifications, you should directly say so in the summary section at the top of your résumé, to instantly inform the hirer that you’re qualified and to persuade them to read the rest of your résumé. If you don’t meet the top three qualifications but have others strengths that qualify you to excel, definitely mention them in your summary section.