Success Story Shows How Influential a Cover Letter Can Be


A blog post entitled Never underestimate the importance of your companions by Kelly Blokdijk of TalentTalks discusses the important role that cover letters and thank-you letters can play in the job search. The post isn’t new, but it offers powerful evidence of how job-seekers can succeed with these letters. Over several days, we’ll be running excerpted anecdotes that illustrated this point:
Julie was called by a hiring manager who was so impressed by her customized letter that she “had to meet her.” What Julie did to produce that strong reaction was to tailor her letter so that the hiring manager recognized an exact match for her position. Not only that, but Julie’s letter was creative, interesting and clearly showed that she researched the company’s culture and linked several of her previous accomplishments to their mission and values. Not only did Julie get interviewed, but she got an offer.
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