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Summary and Final Thoughts on Web-Based Resume Builders


Today we conclude our serialization of an article providing an overview of Web-based resume builders, as well as thoughts on the value of Web-based resume builders compared to engaging a professional resume writer or preparing your own resume unaided: To sum up the value of Web-based resume builders:
  • If you can create resumes using the free level at some of these sites without shortchanging higher-priority job-search activities (such as networking), the online visibility these resumes provide can be useful. The resume may be especially valuable if you have your own Website, where you can display either the resume or a link to it.
  • Don’t make one of these resume products your only resume but a supplement to a compelling traditional resume.
  • Web-based resume-builders can provide a boost to neophyte resume creators because they offer guidance in how to organize and format a resume.
  • Understand that effective, persuasive resume content is more important that a cutting-edge format.
  • Be aware that hiring decision-makers may not view these resumes especially favorably.
  • Be sure to include a LinkedIn Profile among your online visibility options and consider trying LinkedIn’s Resume Builder.
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