Take Time on Your Resume


The following is guest entry from Nisa Chitakasem, founder of Position Ignition. Most of us have a resume or a “curriculum vitae” that provides an overview of our lives and qualifications. That’s two pages that summarise us. Ouch! Can I really be compressed into two sheets of paper? Your resume may be good. It may even be great, but I do not believe that it can ever really do you justice unless you know how to use it. The only way you will get to meet some employers and get through to their next round is by creating a strong resume. If you produce a rushed, token resume and expect someone to get a good understanding of you as a whole person then forget it. A “going-through-the-motions” resume will never do that. A resume can be a good aid to getting the right role, but the only way it’s going to do this is if you take time over it. Don’t just list each of your previous positions, but use action words to describe what you actually did in each role. Emphasize the transferrable skills that you picked up in each post. Even though it’s important to include relevant content in the resume, don’t cram it with things that don’t need to be there. Some people add a picture. Some even add a video. Some write long essays or extend their CVs to several pages. No, no, and no! You want the employer or recruiter to focus on the important information that will persuade them to shortlist you for interview. You don’t want them to get distracted or bored by gimmicks. Furthermore, combining a clear resume with use of relevant connections can be doubly effective and powerful. When you know someone and you can communicate clearly with them about what it is you are looking for, what it is you can do and why you want it — that job you are describing will come to you. Learning to harness your network is a great skill. Some have it, some do not but to some degree we can all be taught and we can all get better at it. Nisa Chitakasem is the founder of Position Ignition — a careers company dedicated to taking you to the next step in your career. Nisa is passionate about helping individuals find the right career path for them whether it involves finding a more rewarding career, making a career change, figuring out the right career plan or being creative about career directions. For free advice, guidance and information on careers visit the Position Ignition Career Blog or find her on Twitter @PosIgnition or Facebook.