The Pocket Resume or Resume Highlights Card


Career author and guru Wendy Enelow called our attention to the concept of the “pocket resume,” described here by Jorge Lazaro Diaz. This business-card-sized “appetizer” for your resume is terrific for career fairs and networking events, where you want to come across as concise, yet impactful when you meet people. Diaz recommends the card include:
  • Your phone number and email
  • Web address for personal website, blog, or social-media profile
  • Three titles that describe you and what kind of work you’re good at – and are seeking
  • Standout traits: bilingual, ability to create web apps, others
  • A short memorable summary, for example: “a one-man geek squad”
We talked about something similar — a resume-highlights card — a number of years ago here, and we provide samples here. That was back in the days before social media; today inclusion of URLs for your various profiles (LinkedIn Twitter, Facebook) can enrich the value of these cards.