'No Such Thing as a Good Generic Cover Letter …'


… so notes our colleague Mary Jeanne Vincent in an article that appears on Facebook, Cover Letters That Deliver. The point is that if you don’t tailor the letter to the employer and the vacancy, it won’t be effective. This article is a terrific step-by-step guide to crafting a cover letter. We especially like the section on research that kicks off the piece:
Do you have a contact in the organization? If yes, ask if you can use his or her name in the letter to make a connection. If not, can you find a contact in the organization? It’s worth checking to see if your best friend’s mom has a cousin who works for the company. Whenever possible try to find a contact inside the organization. It usually makes for a warmer reception all around.
Before you begin to write your cover letter, know the job requirements and research the company! Visit the company’s Web site. If you know someone who works for the company, talk to him or her to get the inside scoop. The more you know about the company — their products, services, and needs — the better able you will be to craft a cover letter that gets their attention.