This Recruiter Will Read Your Resume if It’s Clean and Concise


Last year, Steven Coyne, recruiter/owner of The Job Hunter Group, wrote a blog post called 3 Reasons I’ll Read Your Resume. Here is his second reason: If your resumé is clean and concise! (Have you made truthful changes based on the job description?) [Editor’s note: See Coyne’s first reason; he is emphasizing the importance of using your true qualifications to tailor your resume to the targeted position.]
  • Get rid your professional looking portrait (Who cares what you look like. Many hiring managers or recruiters make stupid assumptions about your looks anyway). [Editor’s note: In fact, many hiring decision-makers fear being charged with discrimination if they review a resume with a photo on it, so they will tear it off or black it out.]
  • Get rid of two-tone colors.
  • Get rid of the frames around your text.
  • Use BOLD company names and the dates you were employed there.
  • List the company name and show in one short sentence about what industry it’s in, what your company manufactures, sells, or offers as a service.
  • Do not ramble! Get right to the point. Recruiters get quickly tired of trying to find information that indicates your qualifications. Honestly, I do as well