Tips to Rock Your Resume: Adding Keywords


Joe Turner offers six easy steps to really rock your resume and motivate hiring managers to call you in his article Six Tips to Rock Your Resume for Quintessential Careers. The third appears below, and the rest of the tips will appear here over the next three days. Turner’s advice to Add a Keyword Section is not without controversy. Certainly, keywords are vital on a resume, but some recruiters and experts contend that a section of disembodied keywords lacking context is not valuable. Others support the idea of a keyword section, but advise placing it at the end of the resume instead of the beginning. Here’s what Turner suggests: “Everyone talks about keywords, but few job-seekers actually include them. Adding a separate keyword section will increase your odds of keyword-searching software flagging your resume on a search. Just as important, a separate keyword [section] will provide a convenient scan area for the human reader who needs to pre-qualify your hard skills. A separate keyword summary will satisfy both requirements and help your resume pass that 20-second test.” [Also see our article Tapping the Power of Keywords to Enhance Your Resume.]