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Tips to Rock Your Resume: Brand Yourself


Joe Turner offers six easy steps to really rock your resume and motivate hiring managers to call you in his article Six Tips to Rock Your Resume for Quintessential Careers. The fourth appears below, and the rest of the tips will appear here over the next two days. Brand Yourself “Branding is an area that’s been getting a lot of play lately, but it’s an old concept. “Personal Branding Statement,” “Unique Selling Proposition,” and “Value-Added Statement,” are terms for the same element on a resume. With regard to that 20-second rule about making a first impression, an employer needs quick and memorable verbiage to distinguish you from 100 or more other candidates. A personal branding statement is ideal because this one sentence tells who you are, your greatest strength, and your biggest benefit to the employer. Here’s an example:
Seasoned CFO, strong in streamlining and automating financial and accounting procedures that have saved my employer over $400,000 to date in consulting and personnel costs.
Place your branding statement at the top of your resume just below your “headline” (name of the position you’re targeting). The impact of a hard-hitting statement like this will quickly distinguish you from your competitors with similar skills.” [Also see our article Branding Your Resume