Today's Cover Letters Are More Conversational


Unlike correspondence written a decade ago, the tone of letters has changed in today’s job market, notes Teena Rose in her article for Quint Careers, Optimizing Your Cold-Contact Cover Letter. Incorporating a conversational tone to your letter will help readers relate to you. It’s difficult to explain what exactly writing in conversational tone is other than to say it’s similar to how you speak. You’ll ditch many of the stuffy, stock fragments that once existed, such as, “Please find my resume attached in response to the position advertised in the Dayton Daily News.” Instead, start your letter with, for example, “A few months back, I met with John Brickman at the business exposition in Vancouver. I was stunned by his knowledge of the robotics industry. I realized, after speaking with him for only a few minutes, that Jackman Technologies, Inc., was a perfect fit for my skill set — and let me tell you why.”