Social-Media Tools and Resources to Maximize Your Personalized Job Search


The community of resume writers, career coaches, and other career experts called the Career Collective, of which I am a member, was asked to blog this month about social media in the job search. I am posting my response, along with links to other members’ responses at the end of this entry. Please follow our hashtag on Twitter: #careercollective.
These job-search tools to maximize your personalized job search are part of the Quintessential Careers 2011 Annual Job-Hunting Report: The Era of Personalized Job Search and Recruiting: Extending the Conversation.


  • Facebook Your Way to a New Job: Chris Perry of Career Rocketeer offers tips for using Facebook to get a job.
  • How To Use Facebook as a Job Search Aid: Keith McIlvaine’s suggestions for using Facebook in the job search.
  • New Game for Job Candidates Calls Facebook Home: Todd Raphael writes about poweRBrands, a game for students who might be interested in marketing jobs at UK-based Reckitt Benckiser.
  • Facebook Apps Cover Both Sides of Recruiting Coin: A discussion by John Zappe about two Facebook apps, Hire My Friend, which helps your Facebook friends spread the word about their job hunt, and Work For Us, which lets employers post their jobs to their Facebook pages.
  • 11 Facebook Applications to Launch Your Job Search: Sharon B. Cohen lists almost a dozen Facebook apps relevant to the job search.
  • HOW TO: Score a Job Through Facebook: Detailed tips, with case-study examples, by Stephanie Marcus.
  • How to Use the New Facebook Profile to Get Hired: Rich DeMatteo suggests using the five tagged photos at the top of your Facebook profile to advertise your job search.
  • Be First To Make Your Own Cool Facebook Resume (Hint: Use the New Profile Image Hack): Claudio Nader tells how to make the five tagged photos at the top of your Facebook profile into resume headings.


  • How to Captivate and Impress with Your LinkedIn Profile: Brendan Cruickshank writes about crafting a LinkedIn profile that grabs attention.
  • Four New Ways to Customize Your LinkedIn Profile: Kristin Burnham shares informaiton about the certifications, languages, publications, and skills sections of the LinkedIn profile.
  • HOW TO: Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile: Erica Swallows provides her take on making the most of your profile.
  • Seven Steps To Power Up Your LinkedIn Profile: Freelance careers writer Vickie Elmer shares ideas for a more revved-up profile.
  • 10 LinkedIn Job Search Tips: Jason Buss writes on maximizing LinkedIn in the job search.
  • The Social Network That Gets Down to Business: Miquel Helft on ways people are using LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn Upgrades Company Profiles: Stan Schroeder discusses new capabilities of LinkedIn’s Company profiles feature, such as the ability for users to see how the company has grown on LinkedIn over time, representative profiles of employees at the company, composition of the company’s employee base, and the users’s connection with the company and its employees, and how it changed over time.
  • Top 25 LinkedIn Groups ALL Job Seekers MUST Join: CareerRocketeer’s Chris Perry lists LinkedIn groups that “provide you access to connect with and contact fellow group members who could become future partners, employees, investors, customers etc..” He also notes that “the groups newly updated discussion board feature can provide more networking opportunities, answers to your questions and insightful advice, tips and support.”
  • Not enough connections to make LinkedIn useful? No Problem!: Harry Urschel shares Boolean search techniques for finding more connections on LinkedIn.

    Job Site Cautions

  • Job Board Scams: Jason Buss warns against several common job-board scams.
  • Front Sites Con Job Seekers Into Giving Personal Information: Barbara Safani cautions job-seekers about “sites that misrepresent themselves to the visitor in order to obtain something of value, to increase traffic, or to foster misinformation on behalf of another party.”

    Resources that Cover Multiple Social-Media Venues, Blogs, and Other Online and Offline Content


  • Book: Social Networking for Career Success: Using Online Tools to Create a Personal Brand, by Miriam Salpeter. Salpeter discusses how to leverage social networking, whether you’re looking for a new career or want to advance in your current field. She offers explanations of the best social networking sites, a guide to creating a top-notch profile, and more.
  • 5 Ways to Get a Job Through YouTube: Zachary Sniderman tell how the unexpected YouTube venue can be deployed in the job search.
  • 12 Ways to Use Quora For Your Job Search: Aliza Sherman’s tips for enlisting the Q&A site in your job search.
  • Use Guest Blog Posts To Get Jobs: A Step-by-Step Guide: Jacob Share outlines how to “create a self-marketing campaign by quickly growing a small portfolio of 3-5 guest posts on well-known blogs in your industry that you can then use to show current value to potential employers.”
  • The Ultimate Social Media Checklist For Job Hunters: Downloadable guide to social-media steps you need to be taking in your job search, from
  • Your Personal Branding Worksheet: Pete Kistler adapts a worksheet developed by Meg Guiseppi that helps you extract the core of your personal brand through your vision, purpose, values, and goals.
  • 4 Tips for Efficient Job Hunting Online: Irina Shamaeva brings a recruiter’s inside knowledge to tips for job-seekers.
  • Story of Hope: Marian Uses Online Social Media to Land an Awesome Job: Lori Cates Hand offers an encouraging case study of Marian Schembari and how she landed a job through social media.
  • Eight Steps to Leveraging Social Networks in Your Job Search: John O’Connor’s slideshow about how these eight steps helped client “Paul” replace his “unfocused activity and put his online social networking into its proper place.”
  • How to Clean Up Your Online Reputation: Sarah Jacobsson Purewal writes about both companies and individuals, presenting the pros and cons of paying for online reputation management.
  • Five Mistakes Online Job Hunters Make” Elizabeth Garone exposes common online job-seeker errors.
  • How Job Seekers Are Using Social Media for Real Results: Jennifer Van Grove provides success stories about job-seekers who landed jobs using social media.
  • Top 5 Online Communities for Starting Your Career: Sharlyn Lauby lists a quintet of helpful venues for entry-level types.

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