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Trend Is for Less Contact Information on Resumes


Personal contact on resumes is often more limited today than in the past, writes the multi-credentialed career expert and author Louise Kursmark in “Trends in Resumes and Career Marketing Communications:”
An inflexible rule for resumes for the past several decades was to list your home address and multiple means of contact — email address, home phone, cell phone, pager, fax number, and any other information that would help people contact you. That trend is shifting, for two reasons: the prevalence of online resume posting and the ubiquity of cell phones. In response to identity theft issues, we now recommend that individuals not include their home address on resumes that are widely e-mailed or posted on the Internet. It is enough to indicate just city and state if you want to give readers an idea of your physical location. And because more and more people are reachable at all times via cell phone and email, it is sufficient to list just one cell number and one email address rather than cluttering up the resume with multiple data points that force readers to choose how to contact you.