Use Resume Formatting to Your Advantage


A Guest Post by William Frierson, a staff writer for From time to time, we’re publishing guest posts via Recruiting Blogswap. Most job-seekers understand the importance of their resumes. A resume (a good one that is) is your ticket for an interview with a potential employer. However, for you to earn this opportunity, recruiters and/or employers must be able to comprehend your resume; otherwise, your qualifications might go unnoticed. Here are a couple of tips to help you format your resume effectively: Save your resume in both text format and as a Word document. It’s said that the text format uploads easily online, but does not appear as attractive like a Word document. In the past, I found uploading my resume using Word to be a simple process. A resume that includes keywords will assist anyone searching them to find you. Keep your resume simple. Remember, sometimes less is more. Clearly and briefly define your position as a job seeker and what you have to offer. Review your resume, and then allow someone you trust to do the same. Make adjustments where necessary. For more tips on resume formatting, see the source* below. While you may be the most qualified job candidate, a poor resume format will not let recruiters or employers recognize that point. Make sure the most important people can understand your resume, so you can land an interview or two. *Source: The Career News

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