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Use Your Resume to Distinguish Yourself


“Distinguish yourself from the vast majority of resumes and online profiles that do not appeal to any target audience, contain insipid or non-existent messages of value, and rely on the ‘throw-it-against-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks’ mentality” said Susan Guarneri, the “Career Assessment Goddess,” in the Q&A interview she did with Quint Careers. Even a standardized online application can stand out from the crowd through the content you choose to input. For example, the content can:
  • demonstrate an understanding of your target audience’s needs and culture through online company research and inquiries with individuals in the profession and industry,
  • showcase value-added results, links to a web portfolio and other online “proof” of success, and a unique personal brand that permeates your past track record, and
  • gain positive traction with the employer through auxiliary means of connection (such as employee referrals and social networking).