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Using Resume to Showcase Knowledge


This posting is a guest entry from the Career Doctor, Randall S. Hansen, PhD: Kenneth writes: I have read numerous instructions on how to prepare a resume, use key words, proper fonts and paper, list education, etc. etc. I’m looking for a way to tell a prospective employer about my knowledge. I know a resume lists my schools, degrees jobs, job titles, etc., but I want a way to describe my knowledge gained in these studies and experiences. Preferably, I’d like to have it in database format so that a prospective employer can search it to see if I have the knowledge they want. After all we are in a knowledge age. Do you know if there is a tool or a way I can do this?
The Career Doctor responds: I think there are really two answers for you here, Kenneth. First, there is very trendy “Summary of Qualifications” section of your resume. (Sometimes also called “Professional Profile,” “Key Skills,” “Qualifications,” or “Key Accomplishments.”) It is in this section where you can showcase your knowledge from all your education and work experiences. I like to think of this section as an executive summary of your entire resume. Second, you can develop a text-based resume, which is designed specifically for databases. Text resumes follow all the rules of regular resumes, but the design and format are much different, focusing on key words and jargon that may be used when an employer searches their resume database. These searches are done using keywords and phrases that describe the skills and education required for the position, thus when writing a text-based resume it is extremely important for you to use terms and familiar industry acronyms (jargon) that describe your skills and experience. Read my article, Scannable Resume Fundamentals. (Although very few resumes are “scanned” anymore, the same principles apply to text-based resumes.) Finally, you should consider reading: Ten Easy Ways to Improve Your Resume. This is a great article for anyoneM working on sharpening and improving their resume.