Vast Majority of Resumes — Ineffectively — Come from Templates


The Research Study: How Does Your Résumé Compare? Competitive Career Intelligence for 6-Figure Canadians* found that 96 percent of all résumés assessed appeared to come from templates commonly found on the Internet. ResearchStudy.png WHAT EMPLOYERS WANT: Recruiters typically have many résumés to review on a daily basis. With millions of résumés flooding the market, only the most creative, branded documents will stand apart and be selected. As a marketing document, the résumé must create a visual presentation with impact to represent the candidate effectively. WHAT NOT TO DO: Most people do not put forth more effort than cutting and pasting text into a standard résumé template. Rather than using such a layout, be creative. WHAT TO DO: A six-figure professional must present a document that is reflective of the salary he or she is commanding. Create a résumé with a high-impact, upscale, branded look and feel in order to rise to the top and be perceived as worthy of a higher compensation. Use the advanced features of the word processing software to create a branded design element and distinctive look. Take advantage of the attractive bullets, use bold for emphasis, accent areas with italics, employ charts, graphs, and other design elements.

*Graham Management Group (GMG), a Canadian firm specializing in career-transition solutions for executives, managers, and six-figure professionals, examined and analyzed 1,000 résumés submitted in 2009 to the group by senior-level Canadians. GMG performed the analysis by methodically applying validated strategic résumé principles and theories in a structured manner across all documents. We’re excerpting some results of this analysis over the next several weeks.