7 ways to negotiate your Salary

7 ways to negotiate your Salary

6 Nov, 2012


Salary Negotiation

We all know that the economy is simply not what it used to be. Things are tough right now for a lot of people. Many people are out of work or losing their jobs every day. But if you find a company that is hiring, then you should attend the interview. As there are many people who would love to be in your position right now. If you know that you are overqualified for the job, then maybe you should think about negotiating the salary once you have gotten the job. Or if the new salary is a major pay cut of the old one. Some people who are getting jobs now are taking positions they know they are overqualified for and accepting the lower salary anyways just to have a job. Though that may not be the best idea for you. So don’t settle even in this tough economy, there are seven sure-fire ways that you can negotiate and inevitably receive the salary that you deserve right now. Once you try these, you will not regret it. And your family will be even more proud of you than they already are. It will be great for everyone involved in this situation.

Salary Negotiation

The first thing you should before you walk into your new bosses office with this idea is to do your research. Do a quick Internet search of what other people in this field are making and compare it with your salary. And you should always know the lowest, the average and the highest salary amounts for someone with your qualifications and educational background. These are very important in receiving a higher salary on a new job.

Always make a good impression, first impressions of people simply last a lifetime or until the person can change them again. So while in the meeting try getting to know your new boss. Building stable relationship is important at any type of job. He or she will immediately note that and be more willing to give you a salary increase.

Increase Salary in Tough Economy

Another tip for negotiating salary is to make the boss know what your worth. If you are pointing out overall ways that you can make the company better and have their profits increase, then you have proved that you are worth an increased salary.

You should also agree to take on more work if that is possible. That will show the boss that you are highly responsible and are simply doing everything in your power to show that you are a great member of the team around the office. That will help increase your overall salary in the long run even in this economy.

Techniques To Increase Salary

You should also let yourself be known in the office. If you have exceptional experience, great qualifications and a stable educational background then sell it. By doing this, you are not being shy and you know exactly how much you are worth to any company.

In your negotiations always allow allowances as well. Vacation time is a big one, travel expenses and even if need be educational training as well. As these things can have an impact on your overall salary increase. So please take note of them before presenting anything to your boss.

Last but not certainly not least, don’t be afraid to counter their offers. If you have done extensive research and your salary is a lot lower than the average of someone with your education, skills and experience then let that be known. It will show the company that you are an huge asset and you deserve more than the original offer.

By completing these 7 things, you are simply showing the company that you know what you are talking about, and that you are a valuable member of the team who deserves this. Good research usually leads to you earning the money that you deserve for everything you do.

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