Weave Leadership Success Stories Into Resume and Cover Letter


A free report from ExecuNet, The New Leadership Skills You Need, advises executives that their résumé and cover letter need to include metrics that illustrate an executive’s past successes and show how a new company will also benefit from an executive’s abilities. “Weave the stories into the résumé, focusing in on key language related to cost reduction and efficiency improvement, but also showcase the unique leadership traits used to implement the changes and improvements,” says Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter, owner of Kansas-based Career Trend. image_promolanding_leadershipskills.gif “Beyond the simple cost savings, it should also be clear who benefited from the initiative, assuming that the savings did not simply go to the bottom line,” adds Chuck Langenhop, director of Texas-based CFO Advisory Services LP. “For example, did customers see price reductions? Did e-commerce improve order fulfillment time? Did an initiative in accounts payable streamline the purchasing function? Did in-house HR recruiting reduce the cost of executive recruiting fees cross-charged to hiring departments?” Download the report by going here.