Web-Based Resume Service: Social Resume Spot


Over the past several days, we’ve been serializing an article providing an overview of Web-based resume builders. Before we start serializing the portion of the article that shares our thoughts on the value of Web-based resume builders, a couple of Web-based resume services not included in the original article have come to our attention. Here is a related service: samplesocialresume.png Social Resume Spot is not a resume-builder like most of the other sites we’ve discussed in this series. Although the staff at Social Resume Spot will create a resume and other materials if the job-seeker needs them, the service’s primary objective is to give job-seekers their own Web site, ideally with their name as the domain name (e.g., this site) and with the resume as the site’s centerpiece. We recommend this approach because it helps employer find job-seekers when performing searches for candidates. As the site states:

When we are finished, you will have a website with a custom URL and an online “home” to let employers or customers know what you offer.Having a website (for example, YourName.com), helps you control what Google knows about you.


  • Link you to a community of colleagues, experts and potential mentors.
  • Provide opportunities to expand your network, instigate two-way communication and meet new people from around the world.
  • Help you further define your message and potentially become known as a subject matter expert.
  • Serve as a 3-D portfolio of your work.
  • Influence how Google and other search engines index your name, and therefore what people find when they search for you.
Your site could include:

– A biography/About page

– Work samples

– Your resume

– Career highlights

– Links to your other social networks, such as LinkedIn and professional Twitter and Facebook profiles

– Endorsements

– Credentials/distinctions/honors/awards

– Technical competencies

– Press/Media Mentions/Speaking events

– Case studies/consulting

– Copies of newsletters

– News and events

– Volunteer projects

– A demo reel, art portfolio. (If you are an artist, you might consider links to Flickr or other portfolios of your work online.)

– Professional photos of you (speaking, working, consulting)

– Associations and professional club memberships

– A blog site that serves as your social media hub and social resume may also include multi-media options, including professional YouTube videos and audio you create.

The cost for those who have all materials (About page/bio, resume, etc.), already written and plan to use one of the templates is $350. If you need to hire Social Resume Spot to create content, the company can provide a quote based on your needs. See samples.