Web-Based Resume-Builder: TalenTag


Over several days, we’re serializing an article providing an overview of Web-based resume builders, as well as thoughts on the value of Web-based resume builders compared to engaging a professional resume writer or preparing your own resume unaided: The product at Talentag is referred to as a profile or social CV rather than a resume (see a sample here). Says the site: “Tags and badges you send and collect over time form social resumes for you and your friends or co-workers.” Profiles consist of badges, a bare-bones work history, and a log of recent actions on Talentag. Talentag’s special twist on resume-building is the ability to ask friends for feedback. “Get to know yourself and your friends by their answers about you,” the site suggests. Talentag is completely free with no add-on or upgrade costs; co-founder Juri Kaljundi notes that services will remain free for private users, but future versions will require fees from corporate users (“related to recruitment and finding people”).