Web-Based Resume-Builder: BriteTab


Over several days, we’re serializing an article providing an overview of Web-based resume builders, as well as thoughts on the value of Web-based resume builders compared to engaging a professional resume writer or preparing your own resume unaided: BriteTab resumes BriteTab differentiates itself from other Web-based resume-builders in that it “allows users to blend short video clips into their existing text resumes online, meaning viewers don’t have to sit through a long-form candidate videos. BriteTab also offers the ability to upload portfolio contents so hiring managers can have access to your entire professional portfolio all in one place.” BriteTab has a free basic level and a free 30-day trial of its $7.99/month subscription service. It’s only with a premium subscription that users can add video and documents. The premium service, the site notes, enables users to “choose from many more templates and themes. … The premium subscription also allows for an unlimited number of resumes.” You can see samples here. I found the BriteTab sample resumes decent, but no better than those on VisualCV, which offers more options — such as adding video — in its free version than BriteTab does (VisualCV premium accounts are available for $59.95 annually. See VisualCV samples here). I asked a BriteTab representative to describe how BriteTab is distinguished from VisualCV: “BriteTab offers more control over the design and layout of your resume,” David Rogers said. It is a true free-form layout tool. VisualCV is not this. It is far more templated and generic. Our tool was built to help job-seekers create a unique representation of their resume.” Rogers, director of product development, also notes that BriteTab “is designed for the presentation of text and video together. Our floating video design creates resumes that follow a traditional text format that includes short video clips to supplement the content.”