Web-Based Resume-Builder: Slideshow Resumes


Over several days, we’re serializing an article providing an overview of Web-based resume builders, as well as thoughts on the value of Web-based resume builders compared to engaging a professional resume writer or preparing your own resume unaided: Slideshow Resumes are a growing trend, and while I haven’t seen a site exclusively dedicated to slideshow resumes, myBrainshark touts resumes among the narrated slideshows (myBrainshark refers to these as “video presentations”) that users can create on its site. myBrainshark is free. Arguably the best known slideshow site is SlideShare, which offers the same capabilities as myBrainshark, including the ability to add audio narration to presentations. On both myBrainshark and SlideShare, if you conduct a search of “resume,” you can see a mix of presentations about resumes and presentations that serve as resumes (some have audio narration; some don’t). Both myBrainshark and SlideShare offer free basic levels of usage, (on SlideShare, the slideshows carry ads at the free level), as well as paid, premium levels with more features.