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What's the Process Like When Working with a Professional Resume Writer?


HR pro turned consultant Sharlyn Lauby recently raised the headlined question and then tapped into her network of professional resume writers for answers. She asked Dawn Bugni, owner of The Write Solution, to describe what’s involved in the process of having a pro write your resume. Bugni’s response:
“As with most career-related questions, the response to that is, ‘It depends.’ Some professionals work strictly from questionnaires, some interview clients over the phone or in person, some use a combination of both. Regardless the information- gathering process, creating a resume is a collaborative process. When engaging with a professional, most likely, a client will be asked to provide existing career documents, if available. Additionally, they should gather any other career-related documents — performance appraisals, letters of recommendations, thank-you notes — that help demonstrate expertise in the career path of choice. The resume writer will also need a clear picture of current industry vernacular and sought-after skills, so representative job postings are also helpful in the process. Depending on the writer, job-seeker goals and industry standards, more information may be required. Bottom line: the better the information provided; the better the end document.”
Lauby continues:
Dawn’s expertise and company focus is on creating compelling career documents for her clients. As such, she added that it was important to “locate a professional whose work style matches client preferences. Job seekers who enjoy deep introspection and writing will probably do better with questionnaires, where a talker probably does better with an interview-style writer. Going through the resume creation process with a trained professional brings an objective perspective to career accomplishments, boosts overall confidence and sheds light on current job market navigation.”