When a Climb up the Career Ladder is Worth It


A Guest Blog Post by Donna Mitchell It is every college-grad’s dream to climb up the career ladder in the shortest span of time and make his or her mark in the world. He or she find a job they love, work hard at it, and in time, hope to make more money and earn more respect in the chosen industry. But what most of us don’t realize is that a climb up the career ladder really worth it only when:
  • It brings you mental satisfaction: You may be earning more money; you may have moved into your roomy corner office with a view to die for and a fancy nameplate on the door with your new designation; and you may be boss to many minions; but it is all worth nothing if you are constantly stressed out and never really happy with your situation. When you love your job and are able to handle all the challenges it throws at you without losing your mind, only then is your professional advancement really worth it.
  • It does not ruin your personal life: No matter how successful a career you have, if you have no personal life worth mentioning, you have achieved nothing in life. The most precious assets we earn in life are the love and affection of our friends and family, so if you neglect them in the pursuit of a career, you’re going to be nothing but an empty shell – the shell may be golden, but when there is no substance to it, it has no value at all.
  • You haven’t pushed down people to get up: If your meteoric rise in the professional world has come about because you trampled over your coworkers and others to climb up the career ladder, then you can bet your last dollar that your actions will come back to haunt you. You won’t be appreciated by your colleagues, and your victory will only leave a sour taste in your mouth.
  • You don’t neglect your kids to do so: If you’re a parent who’s torn between staying home and being an ambitious careerist, you may find that professional advancement can come at a great personal cost. When you’re never around for your kids, when they grow up without your involvement in their lives, you lose something you can never gain back. So weigh the pros and cons of your decision before you choose your career over your children.
  • It does not offer you any advantages: Some career changes may come with a change of title and little else. You may be earning the same salary but with a fancy designation now. And you’re more likely to be doing more work because of your new “promotion” and designation. In such cases, when the disadvantages of the promotion outweigh the advantages, it’s not really worth the climb up the career ladder.
This guest post was contributed by Donna Mitchell, who regularly writes on the topic of paralegal schools online She welcomes your comments and questions at her email address.