When Should You NOT Hire a Professional Resume Writer?


HR pro turned consultant Sharlyn Lauby recently raised the question, Are there situations when someone shouldn’t consider having a professional write their resume? and then tapped into her network of professional resume writers for answers:
Dawn Bugni, owner of The Write Solution says there are two situations where it might not make sense. “One is if someone truly couldn’t afford to invest in professional assistance. That said, there are many, many top-notch career professionals writing blogs, offering free resume writing courses and contributing samples to books. While one-on-one assistance may be out of reach, the wisdom of those providers is available for those willing to dig for it.
The second would be if the current resume was landing lots of interviews in the job seeker’s chosen field. If that’s the case, the resume has done its job. Although, that doesn’t mean the individual wouldn’t benefit from the coaching and interview preparation inherent to the resume creation process. (Keep in mind, lots of interviews and no offers are usually a sign of difficulties while interviewing. Interview coaching may be order.)”
Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter, Master Resume Writer, president of CareerTrend, who specializes in professional and executive resume writing and social media profiles, explains the distinction. “The job hunter is the industry and/or functional expert; the resume writer is the resume writing and career strategy expert — a storyteller with a twist.”