Why You Might Not Be the Best Writer of Your Own Resume


Our colleague Meg Guiseppi offers an article, 6 Big Reasons You Can’t Write Your Own Great C-Level Executive Resume. Over several days, we’ll look at her reasons:

You’re not in touch with what’s happening in today’s executive job search.

Most of the top executives I talk to either never needed a resume to get a job or haven’t been in a job search for many years, so their resumes are severely outdated.

The world of job search has changed a lot within just the past couple of years. Understand that these days your resume may not be your first introduction to the people you need to attract.

As a top-level executive, you’re undoubtedly being Googled by recruiters and hiring decision-makers. They probably know about you and are looking for solid information about you online, well before you know they’re interested in you.

Are you visible online in lots of places and are your Google results accurate and on-brand? If not, you need to get to work building a brand-reinforcing online footprint. Online social networks, especially LinkedIn, are powerful tools to tap into.

The same decision makers are also trolling LinkedIn for top talent, so you’d better be there too, with a brand-solid profile. Your personally branded resume will be the foundation for your LinkedIn and other online networking profiles. More about personal branding in a bit.

You’ll still need a resume, even if it’s required sometime later in the process, but as you’re writing it, think beyond the resume and keep in mind that you’ll also be using the information you mine about yourself to reinforce and extend your brand online.