Word .doc Remains Best Resume File Format


In a blog entry about keeping resumes simple, aerospace recruiter Ron Cottick offers his perspective on several aspects of resumes. We’re continuing to look at these perspectives over the next few days. Today, resume file formats: The application that the resume is written in is important in that most resume databases employers use today accept only word doc resumes and/or work easier with word docs.
  • PDF, TEXT, and others are generally not as user friendly as the old standby Word Doc, so, to me, keep it simple with a word doc resume
  • I would not use some of the formatted resume templates that are out there for writing resumes because they also can be problematic with some databases, simply type out the resume on a Word Doc
  • Also, do not expect someone in HR to try an reformat your resume to fit it into their database if need be, it likely will not happen and if it does, it will not be the first thing they do.