Cover-Letter Letterhead Should Match Resume


To create a consistent “branded” appearance, all of your job correspondence should look exactly the same — a matched set. The “header” of your resume — where you have your name and contact information — should be the same on your cover letter, as well as on your references page, salary history page, and any other supplemental pages. It doesn’t matter if the type is centered, left-justified, or right-justified. What matters is that you are consistent and use a readable font. And just a reminder about what should go in the header: name, address, phone number (home and/or mobile), email address. The advice used to be to provide as much contact information as possible, but in these days of identity theft, job-seekers are providing less than before. If you use an email address, be sure it’s a professional one, not like one we received recently from “sexyprincess84.”