Your Cover Letter Can Help You Think Through Your Fit for the Job


In a blog entry on Cube Rule, 5 reasons to love cover letters when you really hate them, Scott Herrick responds to a general job-seeker sentiment of hating writing cover letters by offering five reasons to write them anyway. Here’s one of his reasons: Cover letters force you to think through why you are right for the prospective job. Seriously, a hiring manager cannot divine how you are the best fit for the job. The resume is a great way to show all your accomplishments, job skills and work history, but it doesn’t laser focus the reason you would be so great on the prospective job. Cover letters give you the ability to describe your unique work characteristics that show how you would fit the job better than others. Of course, if you don’t know why you would be great on the job, this would make doing a cover letter especially difficult to do. Know yourself and what special talents and skills you bring to the work you do and incorporate that into the cover letter.