Your Cover Letter Makes Your Case


In a blog entry on Cube Rules, 5 reasons to love cover letters when you really hate them, Scott Herrick responds to a general job-seeker sentiment of hating writing cover letters by offering five reasons to write them anyway. Here’s one of his reasons: Cover letters make your case; the resume proves it. The cover letter tells the story of how you can do the work. The cover letter ties the parts of your resume together to show the common thread of qualifications for the job. Then you move to the resume and the resume makes the case for you getting the interview. I was in high school debate (did pretty well, too) and the first affirmative’s job was to make the case for change. The second affirmative’s job was to describe the plan and prove how it solved the problems. Here, the cover letter makes the case and the resume shows how it fulfills the qualifications you presented.