Your Cover Letter Shows Off Your Communication Skills


In a blog entry on Cube Rules, 5 reasons to love cover letters when you really hate them, Scott Herrick responds to a general job-seeker sentiment of hating writing cover letters by offering five reasons to write them anyway. Here’s one of his reasons: Cover letters prove your communications ability. Resumes provide the facts, but cover letters provide the story. People remember the stories while they won’t remember the facts. If you can’t communicate why you would be great on the job, chances are you won’t be able to communicate well on the job either; a nightmare situation for a manager. My favorite comment in the [article that inspired this post] was from someone who said they “could do this job in their sleep” and was upset about the fact that he had to go through hoops to prove it. Your resume can show you could do the job, but the cover letter can tell the story about how you can do the job. If you can “do this job in their sleep” and you don’t get the job, then you need to do some serious soul-searching as to why you can’t communicate that to a hiring manager.