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Featured resume example: room attendant

Room Attendant Functional Resume Template


Address: City, State, Zip Code
Phone: 000-000-0000
E-Mail: email@email.com


Personable Room Attendent with exceptional issue-resolution skills and safety knowledge. Bilingual and compassionate with proactive attitude. Known for reliability and workplace resourcefulness.


Customer Assistance
Company Name, City, State

  • Welcomed each customer to fitting room with warm smile and kind words
  • Assisted over 50 customers per day with questions and directions
  • Answered customer telephone calls to provide information about policies and availability

Company Name, City, State

  • Booked large groups for weddings, seminars, conferences and other events, providing best available room rates.
  • Trained new employees, demonstrating best methods for serving clients and guests.
  • Greeted and assisted guests by gathering information pertaining to reservations or requests

Company Name, City, State

  • Cleaned guest rooms and changed linens according to company specifications, ensuring that each room was in compliance with standard set up.
  • Used specified cleaning products in each guest room per company guidelines.
  • Maintained the linen cart so that it was neat and organized.


  • Customer service
  • Sales
  • Maintenance Reports
  • Issue resolution
  • Inventory and supply
  • Lost and Found Procedures


ROOM ATTENDANT | 07/2018 to Current

TEACH ING AIDE | 07/2016 to 06/2018

SERVER | 07/2013 to 11/2015


Timber Creek High School

High School Diploma ,City, State

Top 4 characteristics of a best-in-class room attendant resume

  1. Summary Encapsulate your experience and top industry-specific skills in a few short sentences. For example: “Bilingual Room Attendant with positive and proactive attitude. Experienced with high-end hotels and resorts.” Notice how this example features important skills (language abilities, positive attitude) along with details on past experience.
  2. Skills List both practical skills (such as housekeeping, inventory and supply management, maintenance reports) and soft skills (such as a customer-focused approach, conflict-resolution skills, a strong work ethic, and good communication abilities).
  3. Work History Focus on work experience from the past 10 years, highlighting tasks and achievements that best show off your abilities. For instance, a recognition you received at a previous place of employment for exemplary customer service makes more of an impact than listing an everyday task, like cleaning carpets and furniture.
  4. Education Feature your highest education credential (e.g., high school diploma, college degree) as well as the name and location of the institution where you received it. Any extra training or certifications that relate to your work can also be featured here, such as completion of a room attendant apprenticeship program.

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Find the right template for your resume

Present your resume using a design that stresses your efficiency and reliability, using these professional templates.


This layout features professional fonts and a subtle header, for a polished look. The two-column layout provides plenty of room for you to elaborate on your skills.


This design utilizes simple but effective colored headings to differentiate each section, resulting in a streamlined template that’s easy for employers to scan.


With tiny “pinpoints” of color in the header, and judicious use of spacing, this layout presents you as a confident, organized job seeker.

For a complete selection of templates to choose from, visit our templates page.

Do’s and don’ts for your resume

  • DO review your resume before submitting it. Just as guests expect rooms to be spic and span, employers expect resumes that are error-free. Check your document for silly grammar or spelling errors, and make sure that all your information is accurate and up-to-date. Our Resume Builder is an additional tool you can use to make sure your resume is perfect.
  • DO keep your resume layout straightforward. Some job candidates try to impress employers with fancy layouts for their resumes, overdoing it on fonts and unusual graphics. Not only can these throw an employer off, but they can also throw off applicant tracking systems (ATS) employers use to scan resumes. Keep your resume layout straightforward, avoid overdone graphics, and use standard fonts.
  • DO quantify your accomplishments to give them more impact. Highlight your work achievements with numbers that show your effectiveness, rather than vague statements. For instance, instead of stating “Swept, mopped, and vacuumed floors,” write “Swept, mopped, and vacuumed floors in 200-room hotel.” The first statement doesn’t tell the employer much; the second tells them more about your workload and efficiency.
  • DON’T forget about soft skills. While practical skills like being able to lift heavy equipment and being proficient with cleaning processes are important, the way you interact with others and handle your work environment is a key part to being a good room attendant — which means you should feature intangible (or “soft”) skills that tie in with these areas, such as time management, flexibility, attention to detail, dedication, a good work ethic, an emphasis on customer service, communication skills, and the ability to learn new processes quickly. For more suggestions on soft skills, see our Top Resume Skills article.
  • DON’T make your resume too long.  A resume should ideally be one- to two-pages long, so restrict yourself to work experiences and credentials that are directly related to room attendant work. Use punchy phrases and bullet points to describe your skills rather than overlong sentences, and limit your work history section to the past 10 years at most.
  • DON’T leave out keywords. Hiring managers will be screening your resume for keywords that relate to the job, so make you have the right keywords by reviewing the job posting for phrases that explain the job’s requirements (e.g., “maintaining a warm and friendly demeanor,” or “cleaning supply and housekeeping cart set-up”). Then match these keywords with your own abilities and experiences, and feature them in your resume. For example, you could write “positive demeanor” as a skill, or mention a past work experience where you regularly handled cleaning supplies and housekeeping carts. See our article How to Use Keywords Effectively for more keyword tips.

Room attendant resume FAQ

1. What skills should you emphasize in your resume for a room attendant position?

  • Cleaning and organizational proficiency
  • Physical mobility and stamina
  • Detail-oriented
  • Professional attitude
  • Time management
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Communication skills
  • Good organizational abilities
  • Team player
  • Customer service
  • Time management
  • Multitasking

2. How should I compose my work history section if this is the first job I am applying for?

Instead of worrying about your lack of professional experience, focus on practical training you already have that fits the job, such as a summer volunteer experience where you had to clean public areas, or important abilities such as patience, flexibility and initiative. To best present these skills and activities, use a functional resume format, which features an expanded skills section.

3. What other formats should I consider for my resume?

A combination format is a good choice if you have some room attendant experience under your belt already, as it allows you to highlight your work experience as well as your practical skills. If you’re applying for a position that requires a large amount of experience, consider a chronological resume format that places your work history front and center.

4. What should I avoid putting in my resume?

Don’t include experiences that don’t relate to the job you’re applying for. For example, you may dabble in web design in your spare time, but listing this activity in your resume won’t have any effect on whether you get a room attendant job. As mentioned earlier, don’t use flamboyant fonts and graphics, as they can confuse employers (and the applicant tracking software they use to scan resumes). You should also nix an “interests and hobbies” section, unless you can display important skills through your interests (e.g., a volunteer activity where you show your ability to be a team player).

5. How do I update my resume for the next step in my career?

  • Feature experiences you’ve had in different environments, such as hotels and motels, to show your adaptability.
  • Feature any recognitions you’ve received for superior service (e.g., employee of the month).
  • Gain certification or training in customer service or hospitality (e.g., hospital management certificate).