When working in the trades, your job will inevitably require certain skills particular to your craft. But since all job candidates in your field are competing over these same qualifications, small advantages in your resume can help you stand out and win over prospective employers. Our resume templates and guidelines below are great tools for either revising an existing resume or starting one from scratch. Your resume will need to display a few key intangibles in addition to the basic required skills, and you must provide examples and specificity to back up your claims. But what does that really look like?

Follow along with our skilled trades resume templates for Word below, and learn how you can make the most of each section of the document. By crafting a well-organized, believable, and articulate story in your resume, you are taking an important step in advancing your skilled trades career.

Automotive Service Advisor Resume Template for Word

There’s no match for hands-on experience when becoming an automotive service advisor. But potential employers will want to scratch beneath the surface and find out exactly what you have to offer. Highlight specific accomplishments and give examples of using skills mentioned in the job description. If you’re new to the profession, focus on soft skills like communication and problem-solving. The MyPerfectResume template here can help.

Forester Resume Template for Word

A forester’s resume should show both field experience and academic qualifications. Prospective employers will look for concrete evidence of how you have proven yourself so far, including your drive and commitment to your work. The bullet points in your work experience section should match your list of skills and vice versa. Check out our resume templates for a more complete picture of how this works.

Agriculture Resume Template for Word

Since the world of agriculture changes along with new technology and governmental policy, your resume must show that you have the most relevant skills and knowledge in the field. When describing your background, focus on characteristics that you’ve developed over time and talk about how your past experiences translate well into the job position you’re pursuing. For more insight into resume best practices, read our templates.

Company Name Resume Template for Word

Being an electronic technician takes a strong balance of hard and soft skills, which include attention to detail, verbal communication, and adaptability. Make sure that your work experience section illustrates this range of qualities, while maintaining focus on your expertise as a technician. Turn to our templates if you need a good working example of what this might look like in practice.

Create the Perfect Summary Statement for Your Skilled Trades Resumes

What goes into a perfectly crafted summary statement? First, this top-most section of your resume, at its simplest, is a starting point to compel prospective employers to read further. That means that alongside being concise and easy to digest, it should offer employers a compelling snapshot of who you are professionally. As a professional in the skilled trades, you’ll want to emphasize your hard-working nature and commitment to excellence alongside some of your more notable qualifications. Choose a few of your proudest achievements and add a personal touch.

Let’s say you work as a mechanic:

Highly motivated automotive services advisor with 4 years experience working on cars, trucks, and commercial vehicles. Expert knowledge of 20+ major automotive brands and unwavering dedication to service. Loves making customers smile and solving tough problems on a team.

Your own summary should capture the gist of who you are and what you can offer a prospective employer. Our skilled trades resume templates for Word give more context.

How to Quantify Your Skills in your Skilled Trades Resume

While the entry-level qualifications for most skilled trades jobs are often black and white  meaning you have them or you don’t  hiring decisions often come down to details. One effective method for adding credibility to your resume is to provide detailed numeric values when describing your work experience. How many, how much, what percentage? For example:

  • Led two conservation projects last year, protecting 96% of forest land in the county
  • Oversaw day-to-day operations on a 350-acre dairy farm, serving eight major distributors and participating in three community farmers markets weekly
  • Installed electronics systems to 200+ residences and commercial buildings last year

True-to-life measurements such as these will give prospective employers more confidence in your ability to add value on the job. Our skilled trades resume templates for Word can help you craft your own impressive points and weave all the most relevant information to make one stellar application.

Skilled Trades Resume Templates

  • CNC Machinist Resume Template for Word
  • Automotive Service Advisor Resume Template for Word
  • Social Worker Resume Template for Word
  • Auto Electrician Resume Template for Word
  • Forester Resume Template for Word
  • Agriculture Resume Template for Word
  • Company Name Resume Template for Word
  • Diesel Mechanic Resume Template for Word

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