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What do we stand for?

Our mission

We empower job seekers with the tools they need to achieve their career goals. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you every step of the way, from providing tools to create a showstopping resume and cover letter to offering professional interview tips and career guidance.

Our Mission

Our vision

We envision a world where every job seeker has access to the resources they need to succeed, and we are committed to being the driving force behind this change. Our goal is to help job seekers present their skills and experience in the best possible light, giving them the confidence and competitive edge to land their dream job.

Our Vision

Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW)

At MyPerfectResume, we take pride in our commitment to providing you with the most reliable and up-to-date career advice and job search resources. Our dedication to excellence is reflected in our rigorous editorial process. Learn more about our editorial process and the standards we uphold to ensure the quality of our content.

Certified Professionals

My Perfect Resume by numbers

43 million+

Resumes made


Career advice articles

1 million+

Cover letters created

What’s our superpower?

We are the go-to resource for job seekers worldwide, offering a comprehensive suite of career development and resume-building tools that are intuitive and effective.


Expert resume examples

Our easy-to-use Resume Builder can help job seekers create a professional resume for any industry in minutes and customize it to their liking. We also provide professionally crafted resume examples and resume templates.


Our career center

We’re not only committed to helping people find jobs — our career center features a host of advice articles on how to successfully navigate a career, from job searches to network building to professional growth.

Cover Letter

Cover letter tools

Every great resume needs a great cover letter by its side. We provide all the tools and guidance you need to create a cover letter that will impress recruiters and hiring managers.

Life at My Perfect Resume

Catch a glimpse of day-to-day life at MyPerfectResume. We are a tight-knit team that is passionate about working together to help job seekers achieve their career goals.

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What experts say about us

See what the experts have to say about our suite of resume-building and career-development tools.

Hubspot Logo

“My Perfect Resume is excellent for those looking for guided help when creating their resumes.

The tool recommends templates based on your experience level and provides expert recommendations for skills to include based on your job titles.”

Geekflare Logo

“Now, you don’t have to get into the hassle of creating a template and getting into resume writing.

MyPerfectResume is there to help you out in building a perfect resume. You get to choose from several templates to create a job-ready resume effortlessly.”

What To Become Logo

This platform is more than an ordinary resume builder. It is also a cover letter builder, resume checker, and a rich source of examples and tips.

You can use its job search engine to find relevant job openings, too.”

Resume Writing Services Logo

“MyPerfectResume provides a step-by-step guide, ensuring every detail, from skills to certifications, is aptly highlighted.”

Zety Logo

Creating a resume in MyPerfectResume is super easy. All you have to do is follow simple steps filled with pro tips and guidance. It’s almost impossible not to have a well-done resume that stands out and can impress the hiring manager with how it’s formatted and looks.”

Better Up Logo

It’s easy to use and has a responsive chat feature to walk you through the process.

The platform also has additional resume sections like certifications, social media, or public speaking experiences that benefit entry-level workers with less background.”

Study Finds Logo

“If you’re stuck with figuring out your next step in the job-finding process, [MyPerfectResume] can help with that too—from resume organization to writing a cover letter.”

Resume Genius Logo

“The MyPerfectResume builder offers tips at each step to make the writing process easier. This is helpful if you’re new to the workforce or just need a refresher on what employers look for in a resume.”

Career Cloud Logo

“MyPerfectResume’s Resume Builder services and accompanying resume assistance tools and extras make it a stand-out option for job seekers looking to quickly and easily showcase their unique skills to potential employers.”

Washingtonian Logo

“As you build your resume, MyPerfectResume gives you advice and guidance related to your field and desired position. They have a service team on-call to answer your questions. With their platform, you can either upload your current resume or start with a blank slate. There’s also a built-in spell check tool to ensure your resume is free from errors.”

Better Team Logo

“MyPerfectResume is a step-by-step resume building tool with easy-to-use templates and expert tips and advice.

MyPerfectResume also automatically creates cover letters that pair perfectly with the resumes. Users also have the option of using MyPerfectResume’s professional resume writers to design a personalized resume and cover letter for them.”

Advancing careers, one resume and cover letter at a time

History of growth

MyPerfectResume has helped more than 43 million people worldwide create stronger resumes, navigate their job search and achieve career fulfillment.


Our founders begin developing an idea that will help millions of job seekers.


Our first product is launched: scientifically valid career tests that help people explore their passions and look for relevant jobs.


Our office in India opens, making us a truly international company and enabling us to help more people get hired.


We launch our flagship product, My Perfect Resume, in the United States.


Our international expansion continues as we open new headquarters in Puerto Rico.


myPerfectCV launches in the UK, France, Spain and Italy, bringing the power of our CV builder to millions of Europeans looking for work.


myPerfectCV adds cover letters in the UK, France, Spain and Italy, making our quick and easy cover letter builder available in Europe for the first time.


Our expanded San Francisco office opens to support further growth.

Meet our team of experts

Get to know some of the passionate professionals, career experts, technologists and certified resume writers behind MyPerfectResume.

Michael Martucci Headshot

Michael Martucci


Michael leads our Marketing Team and is responsible for ensuring that My Perfect Resume’s content is in alignment with people’s interests. He has an M.S. from the University at Albany and a Certificate in Digital Media and Marketing from Duke University.

Kellie Hanna Headshot

Kellie Hanna


Kellie is a Certified Professional Resume Writer with more than 20 years of experience in digital media and is passionate about helping job seekers navigate their careers. She has a B.A. in English and writing from Temple University.


Read Kellie’s Articles

Nilda Diaz Headshot

Nilda Diaz


Nilda Melissa Díaz is a Certified Professional Resume Writer who has worked for the Washington Post, Stringr and Latina Style Magazine. She has a master’s in journalism from Columbia University and is a member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.


Read Nilda’s Articles

Elizabeth Muenzen CPRW Headshot Blue

Elizabeth Muenzen


Elizabeth is a Certified Professional Resume Writer with a background in digital media and a passion for helping job seekers achieve their career goals. She has a B.A. in English and a Technical and Professional Communication Certificate from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.


Read Elizabeth’s Articles

Maria Victoria Ratcliff Headshot

Maria Victoria Ratcliff


María is the copy editor for My Perfect Resume. She holds a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Puerto Rico. With over 15 years of experience, she makes sure our content is error-free while meeting our guidelines and style.

Marla Figueroa Headshot

Marla Figueroa


Marla is a content associate at My Perfect Resume with a background in writing, communication, and higher education. She holds an M.A. in Media Writing from Sagrado Corazon University and a B.A. in Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras. She has given voice to diverse communities by creating compelling stories. She loves books, traveling, and cooking.

Sarah McCafferty Headshot

Sarah McCafferty


Sarah is the Sr. Technical Marketing lead for MyPerfectResume, with over 20 years of experience in digital product design and Agile product management. She has led various responsive web and native app projects in eCommerce, B2C, and B2B and is well-versed in Agile, Scrum, and Kanban. Sarah works closely with the U.S. and global teams to implement our MPR-inspired and innovative pages, ensuring job-seekers attain an interview-winning resume.

Keith Spencer Career Expert Headshot Pink

Keith Spencer

Career Expert

Keith is a Career Expert with more than 10 years of experience providing career education, guidance, and advice. He appreciates being able to provide career support to job seekers in order to help them overcome the challenges of the job search process.

Ola Klos Headshot

Ola Klos


Ola is a User Experience Researcher who conducts interviews and questionnaires focusing on job seekers’ motivations and behaviors. She holds a Master’s in Psychology from the University of Birmingham and is a Certified Design Thinking facilitator.

Chrystal Ulanday Headshot

Chrystal Ulanday


Chrystal is a Sr. Visual Designer for MyPerfectResume. She believes great design is both functional and empathetic and infuses those principles into every project. Helping jobseekers land their next role is a lofty goal she’s proud to contribute to.

Toni Frana Career Expert Headshot Pink

Toni Frana

Manager, Career Expert

Toni is a Career Expert and remote work advocate who has been coaching career professionals and job seekers for over 16 years. Her goal is to empower others with the best information, tools, and resources so they can be highly confident in searching for jobs suited to their personal and professional goals.

Julia Karpenko Headshot

Julia Karpenko


Julia is a Visual Designer for MyPerfectResume. She is passionate about crafting intuitive designs that inspire job seekers to unlock their career potential. She is proud to contribute to the worthwhile goal of supporting job seekers as they navigate the job hunt.

We are worldwide

At MyPerfectResume, we are proud to have job seekers from around the world utilizing our platform to create winning resumes, and press coverage of our original surveys and studies in global publications. Whether you are applying for a job in your home country or exploring opportunities abroad, we are here to support you every step of the way.

World Wide

Awards and recognitions

Explore the awards and recognitions that exemplify our commitment to helping job seekers achieve their professional goals. Your success is our number one priority.

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