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How to Write a Resume Summary

Published on: August 04, 2021

A summary statement is your first chance to present yourself as the best candidate for a job and grab a recruiter's attention. Put your best self forward and make a strong first impression with a summary statement that has them at "hello," using our expert tips below.

Table of Contents

  1. 4 Tips to Help You Get Started on Your Resume Summary
  2. How to Write Your Resume Summary with Examples
  3. Consider Resume Formats, Resume Examples and Resume Templates
  4. How Our Resume Builder Helps You

4 Tips to Help You Get Started on Your Resume Summary

Save yourself some time and get your information in order before writing your professional summary. Follow the tips below to get started:

  1. Take time to research the job posting.
    Learn about what kind of skills and qualities the company is looking for in a candidate. Most of this information can be found by reading the job advertisement or going to the company website. From here, make note of the top requirements. You can highlight them or put them on a separate list.
  2. Assess your skills and credentials.
    Ask yourself how your background aligns with the qualifications outlined in the job description.
  3. Write down your top skills, experiences and achievements that you want to highlight in your professional summary.
    Remember: This is the first section the recruiter or hiring manager is going to read, you want to make a strong impression and grab their attention.
  4. Only include relevant highlights.
    You might be good at many things, but the employer is only interested in knowing what you can bring to the company. Select only the information relevant to the job posting and the potential role you'll perform.

How to Write Your Resume Summary With Examples

1. Condense the details and be consistent.

When you're ready to begin writing your summary, remember, less is more. Your summary statement only needs to be two to three sentences long. You should also write using the first-person point of view, but omit the pronouns to help save some valuable writing space.

2. Highlight your top qualifications.

Make a strong first impression by writing your most valuable skills and highlight your top work accomplishments that are relevant to the job you're applying for. You want to get the hiring manager's attention and intrigue them to continue reading the rest of your resume.

3. Make adjustments based on your career level.

Job candidates who are just coming out of college or don't have enough experience should include information about what type of job they're seeking and what their goal is with this potential new job. If you have plenty of experience, however, there's no need to include a career objective here.

Professional summary examples with 2 to 5 years of experience

Web Designer

Committed Web Designer with 3 years of experience helping organizations craft a complete web presence. Ambitiously aided individuals by handling pivotal design support and administrative tasks. Diligently assisted with website creation, digital marketing and analytics. Excelled at collaborating on critical projects and document drafts. Well-versed in HTML, WordPress and Adobe Creative Cloud. Strong background in SEO and wireframing.

Office Assistant

Reliable Office Assistant driven to create an open and welcoming environment and provide administrative assistant whenever possible. Keeping company operations efficient and on-task by creating organizational content to direct help where it is needed most.

Retail Associate

Retail associate looking to gain more experience in a high-traffic store environment. Meets customer service standards and recommends products, prioritizing the customers' needs. Known for exceeding sales goals and handling customer requests in a timely manner.

Professional summary examples with 6+ years of experience


Creative and client-focused Copywriter offering an 8-year background in successful development and production of business-generating content for organizations, such as Procter & Gamble and L'Oreal. Meticulous marketing and advertising strategist with a proven record of delivering compelling and unique copy, adhering to strict budgets, and achieving project deadlines. Highly organized, proactive, and punctual with a team-oriented mentality.


Optometrist with 9 years of experience performing excellent comprehensive eye exams. Drives flawless accuracy in taking measurements, diagnosing ocular conditions, and explaining prescription terminology. Demonstrates exceptional product knowledge and effectively communicates features and benefits to patients.

Dental Hygienist

Accomplished Dental Hygienist offering seven years of experience caring for underserved and uninsured patient populations. Expert in providing preventive and restorative care while working to raise awareness of dental hygiene and oral care.

Professional summary examples with management experience

Office Manager

Dedicated and focused Office Manager with over 10 years of experience in operational administration. Highly organized and systematic professional with compelling prioritization and staff leadership strengths. Driving productivity improvements through strategic approaches to day-to-day needs, project requirements, and managing software.

Systems Project Manager

Driven Systems Project Manager with over 13 years of experience. Experienced in requirements gathering, scope development, and inventory coordination. Skilled at overseeing complex, high-value projects with excellent planning competencies. Ready to work closely with both teams and customers to identity most efficient and beneficial solutions for process improvement.

Product Manager

Diligent Product Manager with over 10 years of industry success, including product roadmap development, market research, and data analysis. Highly skilled in identifying opportunities to maximize revenue. Driven and strategic with proven history of superior market penetration and product launch prowess.

Consider Resume Formats, Resume Examples and Resume Templates

Resume Formats

A resume format determines the way your information will be organized. There are three standard formats: chronological, combination and functional. Determining the right format for you will come down to your skill level and years of experience.


Chronological resume format for an administrative assistant position

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The most commonly used resume format is the chronological resume. It focuses on the work history section and shows career progression, so it's ideal for senior-level candidates with more than eight or ten years of continuous work experience.


Combination resume format for an editorial assistant position

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Also known as the hybrid resume, the combination resume format does as the name suggests. It combines the chronological and functional resumes to highlight both work experience and skills. This makes it a good choice for mid-level candidates with three to seven years of experience.


Functional resume format for programmer position

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First-time candidates or people with less than two years of experience should consider using the functional resume format. Unlike the chronological and combination resumes, this format focuses on your skills and abilities rather than your scarce work history, helping you highlight everything you can do for the employer.

Resume Examples

Our resume examples are a great source of inspiration and work as a base to write yours. We suggest searching for examples with the same or a similar job title, and in the same industry. They will help you see how you can present your summary statement and other key sections of your resume.

Network Engineer

Chronological resume example for a network engineer position

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Bank Teller

Combination resume example for a bank teller position

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Package Handler

Functional resume example for a package handler position

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Resume Templates

Looking for professionally designed resume templates? We have a large library of professional, modern and creative designs, ready for you to insert your information.


Chronological resume template for an art director position

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Add a bit of flair with this layout that includes a fun mix of colorful fonts in the header, while maintaining a neat, structured look for each section underneath.


Combinational resume template for a cinematographer position

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The elegant fonts and clean design of this template will help portray you as an employee who's both efficient, reliable and stylish.


Functional resume template for a barista position

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Make an impact with this design's strong header fonts, clean lines and two-toned columns.

How Our Resume Builder Helps You

  • A step-by-step walkthrough in our resume maker and suggestions to fill in the blanks.
  • Browse a large selection of customizable templates for all types of jobs.
  • Organize your information easily and create different versions of your resume for different jobs.
  • Easily use our tools to check spelling, grammar, and formatting mistakes.
  • Our Chrome extension matches your resume with the right jobs, helps you update your resume and auto-fills job applications.

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