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Emphasized This template provides a streamlined look, topped with an attention-grabbing color header. The two-column layout gives you plenty of space to expand on your work history and skills.

Refined One of our most popular templates for good reason, this organized design is a good fit for virtually any job.

Strong As the name implies, this design conveys energy and confidence, thanks to its bold fonts and solid borders between sections.

Insightful Class up your resume with this spacious design, which features a strong font for the header.

Bold The two-color font for the header gives this template a unique appearance, while section headings are arranged in the left margin for easy navigation.

Impactful This design has a “high-tech” look thanks to its strong block fonts and colors, leaving you plenty of room to elaborate on skills and work history.

Accentuate A subtly shaded header helps this template stand out, while the two-column layout provides a crisp look.

Charismatic This layout uses thin color lines to divide sections, creating a streamlined, organized presentation.

Free Modern Resume Templates

Use these templates when applying to organizations with strong brands, and for jobs where you’re expected to have up-to-the-minute knowledge of business, technology or culture trends.


A monogram graphic for the header and standout color fonts for section headings create a resume with a unique look.


Give your resume a fresh presentation using this design, which features a prominent header and duo-tone columns.


This template offers a choice of sharp colors for its header, while still preserving an organized, professional appearance.


Thanks to an imposing header and italicized section headings, this layout creates a memorable impression without sacrificing readability.

Free Professional Resume Templates

It’s always a safe bet to go with a classic design. Acceptable in any industry and for just about any role, these well-crafted templates will always make your resume look sharp.


For a classic, streamlined look, you can’t go wrong with this design, which uses clean lines and a crisp typeface to project an aura of efficiency and competence.


This template proves that all you need for a compelling resume is a crisp layout, with color fonts for important headings.


Featuring a simple top border and elegant fonts, this straightforward design presents your credentials with style.


For a resume that communicates your abilities and work history with class, go with this template.

Free Creative Resume Templates

Use these templates when you need a design that both impresses employers and also makes an artistic statement, particularly for creative professions where your resume will be treated as a work sample.


Make a bold statement with this template, which offers customizable colors, strong fonts, and a colorful layout.


This design turns heads, thanks to its unique four-quadrant layout, with plenty of room to elaborate on skills and work experiences.


With a fun “connect the dots” graphic scheme, this template makes it easy to navigate each section, while preserving an organized layout.


For a clean, easily scannable layout with an artistic touch, use this template, which elevates the skills section to the top of the resume in the right column.

Free Basic Resume Templates

Sometimes simple is the way to go, and our no-fuss, no-muss basic templates communicate all your important information effectively, without the need for extra flourishes.


This layout adds some flair with color headers, while still retaining a clean, elegant appearance.


This template breaks up its black-and-white design with small pops of color in the header for a sophisticated look.


The dividing lines between each section enable quick navigation through this resume without sacrificing its simplicity. 


For a twist on usual resume conventions, this template presents the job seeker’s name and contact information on the right.

Free Resume Templates For Top Jobs

You can easily adapt our templates to fit any job — just use these popular examples. For even more samples, visit our resume examples page.

Accounts Payable Specialist

Place your qualifications within a resume that conveys professionalism and efficiency, using this template.

Business Operations Manager

Show you’re a take-charge personality with a brash design that also reflects your organizational abilities.

Data Entry Clerk

Accuracy and reliability are the names of the game for this job, so go with a straightforward, neatly laid-out template.

Customer Service Representative

Give your resume a bit of personality and energy with this colorful, energetic layout, featuring dual-color header fonts.

Intensive Care Nurse

A no-nonsense job requires a no-nonsense resume, and this streamlined template, featuring a crisp header, is just that.

Registered Nurse

Present yourself as approachable, able and productive using this template, which includes a strong header and color accents.

Restaurant Server

This sleek design is made for quick browsing, with dot graphics highlighting each section.


Show off your credentials and capabilities with this layout, which presents each section in an orderly fashion using box graphics.

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Other Resume Templates You Can Use

PDF Resume Templates

Employers will often go for resumes in PDF format because they’re universally readable on any browser and can be submitted “as is” for many job applications. The good news? Every single one of our templates can be downloaded as a PDF file. Get started here.

Plain Text Resume Templates

Submitting a resume in plain text format can help you in several job application situations, such as submitting your resume through an online form, or in an email. For a step-by-step guide for composing a resume in plain text (yes, there’s a few rules involved), visit our plain text resume page.

Google Docs Resume Templates

For document sharing and flexibility in format downloads, Google Docs templates are another choice for your resume. For more on how to use them, see our Google Docs templates page.

Microsoft Word Resume Templates

Microsoft Word is one of the most common file formats for submitting resumes. Get your own resume looking its best in Word by following our tips for putting together an organized document on our Microsoft Word resume templates page.

Resume Template FAQ

1. How do you use a resume template?

Think of a template as the foundation on which you can build your resume. Once you choose a template, you can update the content to best fit your situation and the job you’re applying for. Better yet is using a template with a Builder that can walk you through the process, step-by-step, and provide helpful job-specific suggestions along the way.

2. Which resume template is the best?

The best template for you will depend on your experience and skills, and the type of job you’re applying for. If you’re looking at a more senior role that depends heavily on experience, our professional templates are a good bet, as they offer plenty of space to elaborate on your work history. Professional templates are also a good choice if you want to make the right impression with a company that values steadiness and efficiency. If you’re eyeing a job that focuses on creativity and cutting-edge work, go with a creative layout that shows off imagination as well as your credentials. If you’re a first-time job seeker or lack experience, use a basic template that can show off your job-ready qualifications and training, without resorting to visual bells and whistles.

3. Is it bad to use a resume template?

Some might argue that using a template “boxes” you into using a design and shows a lack of creativity on the job seeker’s part, but as long as the template has a solid design that passes muster with hiring managers as well as scans by applicant tracking systems (ATS) that employers use, there’s no downside to using them. If anything, having an employer-ready template saves you from having to create one of your own, or worry about whether the layout will be easy to read.

4. Do employers prefer one-page resumes?

Employers typically only spend a few seconds to scan an individual resume, so if you can keep your resume one-page long while including all the crucial information you want to get across, a one-pager is a good way to go. Certainly, most resume templates look good if they’re only one page long, but what about two? If you’re using a good template, your resume should look impressive even if you run over one page. Our templates are built to look their best whether it’s one or two pages long.

5. Can your resume builder show me how to make a resume?

As mentioned above, our Resume Builder makes use of all the templates on our site. Just select the template you want, and the Builder will walk you through the entire resume creation process, helping you customize it for the job you want.

6. Can you show me how to write a resume?

Not only can we show you how to write a resume, but we break down each section of the resume for you, and give you expert advice and pointers on how to write it. Just head over to our resume how-to section.