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Create a professional resume in a few simple steps with our popular Resume Builder. Choose from dozens of the best and free resume templates, add pre-written content from Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW), download in the file format you need, and send.

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This resume layout provides a streamlined look with an attention-grabbing color header.


This professional resume template conveys energy & confidence with its bold fonts & solid borders.


One of our most popular layouts, this organized design is a good fit for virtually any job.


Level up your resume with this outline featuring a bold font for the header.


Two-color fonts in the header make for a unique resume. Section headings on the left make it easy to read.


Wow recruiters with strong block fonts & colors, leaving plenty of room to elaborate on skills & work history.


A subtly shaded header helps this resume design stand out, while the two-column resume layout provides a crisp look.


This resume template uses thin color lines to divide sections, creating a streamlined, organized presentation.

How our free resume templates help job-seekers

Professional designs for all industries

From creative resume designs to more straightforward, modern and professional resume templates, we’ve got the right look for any job.

Readable layouts that will pass ATS

Our resume templates are designed to pass applicant tracking system (ATS) scans, so you can be confident that hiring managers will see your resume. Analyze your resume with our ATS resume checker for instant feedback on optimizing your resume for ATS parsing.

Easily customize to any experience level

You can adjust the layout and design of your resume template to fit your resume format needs.

Expert tools do the heavy lifting for you

Select your favorite resume template, and our Resume Builder will assist you in creating your resume every step of the way. Or pick a free resume template and edit it to fit your needs.

Free modern
resume templates

Choose a modern resume design when applying to organizations with strong brands and for jobs requiring up-to-the-minute knowledge of business, technology, or cultural trends. We have lots of great resume templates that are free to download.


A monogram graphic for the header and standout color fonts for section headings create a professional resume with a unique look.


Give your resume a new presentation with this resume template, which features a main header and duotone columns.


This resume outline offers a choice of sharp colors for its header while preserving an organized, professional appearance.


This free resume download creates a memorable impression without sacrificing readability, thanks to a striking header and italicized section headings.

Free professional
resume templates

A professional resume template will always make your resume look sharp. These straightforward resume templates are timeless and can be used for a wide variety of industries and roles.


Use this resume design for a classic, streamlined look: Clean lines and a crisp typeface project efficiency and competence.


This free resume template proves that all you need for a compelling resume is a crisp layout with color fonts for essential headings.


This clean resume layout features a simple top border and elegant fonts to present your credentials with style.


Go with this polished design for a professional resume that communicates your abilities and work history with style.

Free creative
resume templates

Use a job resume templates when you want to impress employers with an artistic look, particularly for creative professions. Find free resume templates for creative jobs by clicking the button below.


Make a bold statement with this stylish, professional resume template which offers customizable colors, solid fonts and a colorful layout.


Thanks to its unique four-quadrant layout, this free resume template download turns heads with plenty of room to elaborate on skills and work experiences.


With a fun “connect the dots” graphic scheme, this resume design makes it easy to navigate each section while preserving an organized layout.


For a clean, professional resume with an artistic touch, use this creative resume template, which elevates the skills section to the top of the resume in the right column.

Free basic
resume templates

Sometimes simple is the way to go, and our no-fuss, no-muss basic free resume templates communicate all your essential information effectively, without the need for extra flourishes.


This layout adds flair with color headers, yet this resume outline offers an elegant appearance.


This resume template breaks up its black-and-white design with small pops of color in the header for a sophisticated look.


Dividing lines separate each section, enabling quick navigation without sacrificing simplicity in this resume layout.


In a subtle twist on standard resume templates, this resume layout presents the job seeker’s name and contact information on the right.

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Resume template tips

How to choose the best resume format for a professional resume

Resume formats and templates go hand-in-hand. Your resume format will determine your resume’s organization and help you choose the best one. For example, if you’re a first-time job seeker, you’ll want to create a resume that emphasizes your skills and training rather than your work experience (or lack thereof).

Choose your resume format based on these guidelines:

  • Functional format: This format emphasizes skills by breaking them into subcategories. It’s perfect for jobs that rely on skills more than experience or if you lack experience. Good resume templates for the functional format should include different skills sections, such as the “Summary of Qualifications” and the “Professional Skills.”
  • Combination format: If you have a few years of experience or are changing careers but can point to essential skills, use this resume format, which balances skills with work experience. A resume template download for the combination format should feature the “Summary of Qualifications” and a skills list.
  • Chronological format: If you can show substantial progression in your career field, or are aiming for a senior position, use this format, which gives you plenty of space to describe your work history. Chronological resume templates have the work history section directly below the resume summary.

Download some of our resume format templates on this page and create a professional resume easily.

How to write a resume using a professional resume template

Think of a resume as a summary of your career and professional qualifications. In the space of one to two pages, your business resume template should communicate your strengths as an employee and what makes you the best fit for the job.

When filling in a blank resume template, focus on customizing it for the specific job: highlighting your skills and work experiences that match the job’s needs. Include keywords that show employers (and the ATS systems they use to scan resumes) that your background aligns with their needs. Use strong action verbs, short phrases and bullet points, and keep your resume concise. Our free downloadable resume templates are all created with these crucial points in mind, so use them as a guide.

For a complete guide on using a resume template to write your resume from top to bottom, visit our page on How to Write a Resume.

How to write a resume summary

The summary in a professional resume template is your first chance to make a good impression with your resume. Think of it as an “elevator pitch” that’s a few sentences long and answers these questions:

  • What makes you a good employee? Think in terms of notable skills or achievements.
  • What makes you suitable for the job? Emphasize abilities that fit the job.

For more tips on how to write an effective resume summary, visit our How to Write a Resume Summary page after downloading resume templates for your job application.

How to write your work history

Avoid listing everyday duties in the work history section of your resume template. Instead, emphasize special projects or achievements that set you apart and quantify your accomplishments using numbers (e.g., “Managed schedules for 50 employees” or “Headed media campaign that resulted in 23% increase in user subscriptions”).

Our How to Write Your Work History Section page provides more pointers to summarize your work experience in your job resume template effectively.

How to list skills on a resume template

Your resume format will determine how you put your skills section together. If you’re displaying more than a handful of skills, organize your skills section by skill categories (e.g., administrative skills, software skills). Be sure to include:

  • Hard skills: abilities you can learn through study and training, such as knowledge of specific software programs or the ability to perform medical procedures.
  • Soft skills: intangible traits that tell employers how you can interact with others and approach work, such as attention to detail, communication, or teamwork.

Visit our How to Write Your Skills page for recommendations on using a work resume template to highlight your skills.

Good resume templates for different file formats

There are four acceptable file formats for professional resumes. Sometimes a job description will state which one to use, but if you’re unsure, you’ll find free resume templates to download for all of them on the pages listed below.

PDF resume templates

Employers often prefer resumes in PDF format because they’re readable on any browser and can be submitted “as is” for many job applications. You can download our free resume format templates as PDFs. Check out our PDF resume template page for tips and good resume templates to get you started on a polished PDF resume.

Microsoft Word resume templates

Microsoft Word is one of the most common file types for professional resumes. Get your resume looking its best in Word by following our tips on our Microsoft Word resume templates page.

Google Docs resume templates

For document sharing and flexibility in format downloads, Google Docs resume templates are another excellent choice for your resume. See our Google Docs templates page for the pros and cons of using these templates.

Plain text resume

A professional resume in plain text format can come in handy for several job application situations, such as submitting your resume online or in the body of an email. For a step-by-step guide for using resume templates for jobs in plain text (yes, there are a few rules), visit our plain text resume page.

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Resume templates by job title

We have over 1,000 resume examples for all types of jobs using the latest resume templates featured on this page. Not only do our resume examples give you polished layouts you can use as the foundation of your resume, but our experts have created targeted content for every job in each example. For even more resume template samples, visit our resume examples page.


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