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Getting a good job requires a good resume, but getting started can be the hardest part. We’ve all been there … staring at a blank page and feeling frustrated.

Fret no more! Our selection of 20+ resume templates will help you build your own professional resume. We feature a wide variety of styles and layouts that will fit any job opportunity, from traditional industries to more creative ventures.

Make the right first impression with the right resume template.


Professional Resume Template

If you’re not sure which resume template to use, it’s always a safe bet to go with this professional design. Acceptable in any industry and for just about any role, this well-crafted template always makes you look sharp.

Best for:

  • Conservative industries, such as law, banking and finance, as well as government positions.

Modern Resume Template

Use a modern resume template when applying to organizations with strong brands, and for jobs where you are expected to have up-to-the minute knowledge, particularly in business, technology or culture trends.

Best for:

  • Highly visible jobs in retail, tech and customer service, as well as entertainment and sports industries.

Emphasized Resume Template

The Emphasized resume is for job seekers who need to make a different kind of first impression, particularly for jobs in creative fields. For these positions, your resume will be treated as a work sample, and if its appearance fails to impress, you fail.

Best for:

  • Creative professions, including design, UX/UI, visual merchandiser, art teacher, fashion, digital arts and game design.

Managerial Resume Template

Using a strong design that accentuates your capabilities and experience, the Managerial template is a good fit for job candidates who want to show off their work history, and why their accomplishments make them a good fit for a management job.

Best for:

  • Consulting, financial, scientific, or technical services.

Pacific Resume Template

This template offers a color treatment for your name and contact information, allowing you to stand out from a sea of all-black resumes. Each section is also organized for easy skimming.

Best for:

  • Education, sales, human resources and medical professionals.

Refined Resume Template

Clear and crisp, this organized template uses simple borders and headers to highlight each section. This design is perfect for job seekers in almost any industry, particularly experienced professionals.

Best for:

  • Jobs in established industries, such as construction, transportation and agriculture.

Standout Resume Template

Just as the name implies, the Standout template separates itself from the crowd with clean, crisp design elements which (literally) connect the dots from your summary to your skills and work history. This template adds a dash of personality to your resume, making it useful for both traditional and more creative jobs.

Best for:

  • Most sales and marketing roles, especially those involving close contact with customers.

Remarkable Resume Template

Employing a classic, straightforward layout that draws attention to both your educational and professional accomplishments, this template allows for easy, fast customization. The left-column headers for each section make it easy for recruiters to locate vital information.

Best for:

  • Academic, engineering and similar jobs where a solid educational background is beneficial.

Blueprint Resume Template

This template makes use of color fonts and generous spacing to give your resume a unique feel that sets you apart. It’s ideal for job seekers in customer service, retail and any other industries where you want to stand out.

Best for:

  • First-time job seekers seeking creative positions, such as in software development and social media.

Bold Resume Template

This clean design features the job seeker’s name in a bold, color font at the top for extra impact. The layout allows you to pack in plenty of information, making it ideal for experienced job candidates in all career fields.

Best for:

  • Public relations, promotions, and advertising positions.

Distinguished Resume Template

This elegant, classic resume layout works for jobs in traditional industries. Information is laid out neatly and logically, making this template a good choice if you’re looking to pass applicant tracking systems (ATS).

Best for:

  • All types of professional and business services, especially for job seekers with moderate to high levels of experience.

Accentuate Resume Template

Each section in this template is laid out in clean, easy-to-scan fashion. The side-by-side presentation of work experience and skills highlights both your qualifications and achievements.

Best for:

  • Job seekers who need a flexible layout for presenting their work history.

The Benefits of Using Our Resume Templates

  • Save time

    Save time

    Instead of building a resume from scratch, use our templates and expert, job-specific suggestions to create your resume quickly and efficiently.

  • Pro designs

    Pro designs

    Our professionally-designed templates are a proven hit with employers — customers who use our templates get a job 33* percent faster than those who don’t.

  • Easy to customize

    Easy to customize

    Using our templates and resume builder, it’s a snap to create different versions of your resume for different jobs.

  • ATS-friendly


    More companies are using applicant tracking systems (ATS) to scan resumes before human eyes see them. Our straightforward templates are built to pass ATS without a hitch.

  • Employer-ready formats

    Employer-ready formats

    Save your document in Word and PDF formats when you create your own resume using our templates and builder.

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Accounting and Finance

A well-written and convincing accounting and finance resume reflects your professional and legal expertise as well as a keen attention to detail. These professionally designed accounting and finance resume templates are perfectly formatted to highlight your auditing and organizational skills

Administrative Support

A driven, fast-paced company requires a highly trained and efficient support team. To demonstrate your professional merit on your resume, you must focus on your decision-making, interpersonal, and organization skills as well as your work history. Utilize these administrative support resume templates to drive home your experience and land the job.


Before you can design the towering skyscrapers and groundbreaking structures, you’ll need a detailed resume. Make time to perfect your professional portfolio by relying on these architecture resume templates. They’ll demonstrate your architectural knowledge as well as your ability to land construction bids, negotiate contracts, and adhere to schedules.

Art, Fashion, Design

Set aside additional time for your creative endeavors with these art, fashion, and design resume templates. Our library of industry formats uses visual fonts and professional layouts to create a detailed narrative of your unique style, qualifications, and ability to captivate colleagues and clients alike.

Banking and Financial Services

With business and financial operations projected to grow over the next decade, a detail-oriented resume is your passport to enter this competitive market. Our banking and financial services resume templates can help you demonstrate your understanding of complex economics as well as an ability to understand consumer and financial demands.

Beauty and Spa

If you’re in the beauty and spa industry, you already know that looks matter. The same rule applies to creating a winning resume. Your application needs to be well organized and easy to read. Use our beauty and spa resume templates to build a standout resume that reads and looks the part.


Do you want a stable business job with growth opportunities? If so, then you’d better get cracking on resume writing!See our business resume templates to learn how to incorporate the essential elements of a business resume: quantifiable metrics, management skills, communication abilities, and more.


To get hired in the childcare industry, you need a strong resume. Put your certifications in a prominent spot. If you’ve worked with special needs kids, then call attention to this too. Describe fun activities in your work history section.For more tips, check out our childcare resume templates.

Community and Public Service

A strong community and public service resume should emphasize your ability to maintain accurate records. You should also address your passion for helping others and improving your community.But that’s not all! See our community and public service resume templates to learn more tips.

Computers and Technology

In this competitive industry, it’s crucial to create a standout resume that showcases your superb technical skills, like your knowledge of software programs and coding skills. Share contract gigs as well as full-time jobs. See our customizable computers and technology resume templates if you need more help creating your own winning document.


A well-written resume is your ticket to a great construction job. Use your resume to prove that you are knowledgeable about construction materials and methods. Name the machines and tools that you’ve worked with. Make sure that your certifications are visible.Want more help? Look at our construction resume templates.

Customer Service

Communication is the name of the game in the customer service world, and your resume is your first chance to prove you can quickly and efficiently get your point across. If you need help making a good impression, use our customer service resume templates to get the job done right.


When assembling a resume for a job in the field of dentistry, you must place emphasis on your clinical skills and education. Put My Perfect Resume’s dental resume templates to work, and in no time at all you’ll be guiding patients to their best and brightest smiles.

Education and Training

A top-notch resume is a must if you’re trying to secure a position in the world of education. Luckily for you, My Perfect Resume has education and training resume templates that provide rock-solid baselines for building out and customizing your experiences into a winning, attention-getting document.


Your formal education and area of expertise (chemical, industrial, etc.) must be emphasized when writing an engineering resume. Let My Perfect Resume’s engineering resume templates assist if you get stuck on any – or all – of the sections you must get right in your tailored, personalized resume.

Entertainment and Media

Land the job you’ve been dreaming of by putting My Perfect Resume’s entertainment and media resume templates to use. In no time at all you can produce a winning resume that shows off the skills, work experience, and education needed for snagging a position in this competitive field.

Fitness and Recreation

You need to be able to work well with the general public if you’re aiming for a position in the fitness and recreation field. Put My Perfect Resume’s fitness and recreation resume templates to work when crafting your resume and start applying for jobs – with confidence – in record time!

Food and Beverage

In the fast-paced, high-pressure food and beverage industry, employers need to know they can count on you to deliver—no matter how high the heat is in the kitchen. Use our food and beverage resume templates to prove you have the chops and temperament to handle a job in this field.

Funeral Services

Our funeral services resume templates can help you get ahead of the competition. A strong resume should contain information about your experience, educational background, and special training. Some roles require licensing so, be sure to list that information prominently on your resume.


Government jobs all have one thing in common: To land the one you want, you must have a strong resume. Our government resume templates are a great place to start. Our template helps you organize your skills, experience, and education in a way that will impress potential employers.

Green Jobs

Green jobs are super hot right now. To land one, you’ll need the perfect resume. Our green jobs resume template will flaunt your skills and education and show off your love for the environment. Your commitment to Mother Earth will be clear when presented in a well-organized document.

Health Care

Healthcare is a field with a variety of fulfilling roles, and a strong resume is critical for them all. Our health care resume templates can help you show potential employers what you’ll bring to the table and help you land an interview.

Human Resources

Human resources is a competitive field, and a resume that demonstrates your expertise is critical. Our human resources resume template can help you land the interview you want. Our templates are easy to use and will help you put your best foot forward.

Humanities and Liberal Arts

Landing a job in the humanities and liberal arts field requires a strong resume that shows off your background and education. By using our humanities and liberal arts resume template, you’ll be sure to present your critical skills in the best light.

Installation and Maintenance

If you’re looking to impress employers in the installation and maintenance sphere, you’ll need a resume that touts your technical expertise and physical strength. Use our installation and maintenance resume templates to get the help you need emphasizing these skills as well as your past experiences and apprenticeships.


Any insurance professional worth their salt knows that the devil is in the details. And unsurprisingly, those hiring in this field will expect that same attention to detail in your resume. Don’t miss a beat; use our insurance resume templates and resume builder to create your perfect application.

3 Common File Types for Resumes

Here are other very popular file types you can use!

Resume Template Do’s and Don’ts

Now that you’ve selected a resume template, it’s time to create a perfect employer-ready resume — and we can help. We’ve got over 10 years of helping customers write resumes, and can provide you with job-specific tips and suggestions with our free Resume Builder, which utilizes all of our templates.

Below are some major do’s and don’ts to get you started. Don’t get hung up on details — just focus on these fundamentals.

  • DO focus on what’s in it for them.

    This is the No. 1 rule in all of resume writing, bar none. Describe talents you have that can make their organization run better. Focus on their needs, and clearly explain the unique ways you can address them. This is exactly what the experts mean when they say, “Talk about the value you bring to the organization.”

  • DO address job responsibilities and duties.

    Recruiters and hiring managers hate resumes that talk in generalities. They’re looking for people who are ready to tackle specific problems literally from day one. Show that you’re up for the challenge by highlighting career achievements that prove you have the skills they require.

  • DO customize your resume for the job description.

    More often than not, customizing your resume does not mean a major rewrite, but rather just a few tweaks. Sometimes you just need to reorder a few bullet points, drawing attention to skills and accomplishments most relevant to the job. Other times, you may need to rewrite your summary statement to better fit the job description.

  • DO make every word count.

    Avoid business clichés and industry jargon that the reader might not know well. Recruiters and hiring managers are notoriously fussy about certain words and phrases that are used just to sound clever or fill up space. Instead, come across as a real person who wants to talk with others, not at them.

  • DO make every keyword count, too.

    Yes, it’s true: One of the biggest factors of whether your resume gets read by a real person is whether it contains enough of the right keywords. Assemble your keywords by looking at the job’s requirements, and use them exactly as they appear. If the job description reads “highly organized” then don’t write “very methodized.” Be careful not to overuse keywords, though — you might get past the electronic gatekeeper, but you’ll get stopped cold by the human one.

  • DO make sure your resume is completely machine-readable.

    Remove any unusual fonts, tables or layouts that could throw off an applicant tracking system (ATS) and cause your resume to get filtered out. You should also save your resume in a standard format such as PDF or Microsoft Word. Using our templates will solve these issues for you automatically.

  • DO leave some white space on your resume.

    A good resume should be spacious and uncluttered enough so that a guest feels comfortable. Make your resume a comfortable place for recruiters to spend time learning about you.

  • DO have a trusted colleague or expert review your resume.

    They can provide a fresh set of eyes to help catch grammar mistakes and awkward phrasing, and give you candid feedback. Does your resume truly paint a picture of someone they would want as a colleague? They’ll also tell you if you are using the right professional language that shows you know what you’re talking about.

  • And finally, DO leave them wanting more.

    The purpose of the resume is not to get hired on the spot, but to arouse enough interest that the recruiter and the hiring team can’t wait to hear more about you. Resist the urge to jam pack your resume full of every experience you think they need to know about. You need to save some tales for the interview.

  • DON’T lie on your resume. Ever.

    Sure, a lot of people do it, including top executives. But these days it’s remarkably easy to detect resume liars. Getting caught can cost you a dream job, tarnish your career, kill your professional reputation, and even have legal consequences. A good rule of thumb: Don’t include anything that you couldn’t verify if asked to do so.

  • DON’T include anything irrelevant to the job you’re applying for.

    That includes your marital status, children, hobbies, jobs from your distant past and nonprofessional memberships. Everything on your resume must support your fit for the job you want, no exceptions. Avoid religion or politics unless you are joining a religious or political organization. Even then, keep it professional, not personal.

  • DON’T ignore the details — any of them.

    This includes punctuation, spelling, grammar, formatting and fonts. These are the first things recruiters and hiring managers look for to disqualify candidates. A resume builder can be a big help here, as it offers a spell-checker, and corrects a lot of formatting mistakes automatically.

  • DON’T worry about including references.

    You don’t even need to write “references available upon request” in your resume — if employers want to contact references, they’ll contact you directly. Devote the space in your resume to more important matters, such as your relevant experiences and skills.

  • DON’T go overboard on your education information.

    Unless you’re applying for a position that requires specific educational training, all you need to include are the colleges you’ve attended, city and state of location, and degrees attained. Graduation dates (which end up dating you) and GPAs aren’t necessary. If you haven’t attained a degree yet, list your anticipated date of graduation, or any certification programs you’ve taken.

  • DON’T copy and paste parts of other resumes and insert them into yours.

    Recruiters are masters at detecting imposters and will immediately slam the door on a phony. You want to get hired for who you are, so show confidence in that person. Express yourself naturally but professionally, using your own words.

*Based on a survey of 322 respondents who canceled the service because they had found a job. Calculation was made based on how much faster, on average, respondents were able to get hired with My Perfect Resume’s help.