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Build a cover letter in no time with the best online cover letter builder! It’s the easiest way to create an effective and professional cover letter.

  • 30% higher chance of getting a job
  • 42% higher response rate from recruiters

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Three easy steps to a professional
cover letter


Choose from our expertly designed template collection and personalize it.

Click to add job-specific content pre-written by experts.

Download in the file format you need and send!

Choose from several cover letter templates

Start your cover letter with the right look. Choose one of our ATS-friendly cover letter templates, designed by experts. Then customize it to the job application with the expert guidance and suggested content of our Cover Letter Creator. Personalize your cover letter to match your resume for an aesthetically pleasing look. Our resume builder and cover letter maker are a one-stop shop to create your best application yet.



    Certified medical assistant Eli Miller chose the Refined template to give his cover letter a simple but elegant style.


    The classic lines of the Deluxe template put backend developer Archie Campbell’s qualifications front and center.


    The Distinguished template emphasizes accountant Chloe Clark’s contact information, ensuring hiring managers won’t forget who to call for an interview.


    When she chose the Original template, Marina Torres added subtle flair to her cover letter.


    Sales account manager Ian Brown kept it professional when he decided the Managerial cover letter template to display his qualifications.


    The understated Pacific template was the perfect choice for teacher Wesley Evans to allow his achievements and experience to shine.


    The Blueprint template ensures hiring managers won’t forget registered nurse Lana Ortiz’s name while keeping her qualifications crystal clear.


    Hugo Fernandez conveys confidence in his data analyst skills by displaying them with the Bold cover letter template.


    The Artistic template shows off web developer Kali Roberts’ innovative side.


    Ryan Cabrera proudly displays his past achievements as a data entry specialist with the Modern cover letter template.

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Why you should use our
cover letter maker


Created by real experts

Our certified experts have done the work for you. Count on professionals dedicated to helping you through content suggestions and career advice. These certified career experts created real-life examples and professionally designed templates to help you write an effective cover letter. With our easy personalization, you’ll be a candidate to remember. Using their expertise, 42% of our users reported success in getting a callback.


Real Experts

Expert guidance

Count on the expertise of professionals to create a great cover letter. These certified professionals created a builder that provides step-by-step guidance. With suggested content tailored to your industry and position, you’ll reduce the stress of job hunting while creating the cover letter you need. It is so easy to use that you enjoy being a cover letter writer. And, if you need more help, contact us! Our customer service team is standing by.


Expert Guidance

Upload your cover letter or start from scratch

Build a free cover letter fast and easy! You can start from scratch, backed by our step-by-step guide or upload your current cover to our generator to change, edit and reformat. Our easy-to-use online cover letter builder will help you create an effective cover letter in no time.


Start From Scratch

Match your cover letter to the job

Use the MyPerfectResume Chrome extension to beat the bots and find the right job for you. The extension makes it easy to apply for the jobs that you want and customize the cover letter and resume to reach your employment goals.


Match Your Cl

Make a resume and cover letter in one place

Make an impact with a visually appealing job application. With our builder, it’s easy to match the cover letter template to your resume to showcase your personal style. It’s free and easy to create a custom cover letter and resume. Hiring managers will remember your name.


Resume Cl In One Place

Full access plan with great features

MyPerfectResume’s cover letter builder is free to use! And with a full-access plan, you get to enjoy all its features, from expert suggestions, step-by-step guidance and cover letter personalization to the use of the Resume Builder and more to create a custom cover letter.

Great Features

Make a cover letter with
My Perfect Resume

Our Cover letter builder can help you write the perfect cover letter. Start Now!


Professional reviews about
our cover letter maker


the dallas morning news

In addition to getting the perfect free resume online, MyPerfectResume also offers an outstanding cover letter builder complete with writing assistance and cover letter templates. These are incredibly useful for job seekers as an opportunity to introduce themselves to potential employers in a way that a resume cannot. The cover letter builder is just as easy to use as the resume builder and offers the same level of customization.

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top resume builders

This website has generated over 1,000,000 resumes so far and claims it can get you hired 33% faster! Choose from hundreds of free downloadable resume and cover letter templates, completely eliminating the guesswork of content writing. Learn to search for jobs and explore different careers with links to over 1600 high-quality resources.


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top ten reviews

You can also create cover letters to go with your resume, which can set you apart from other candidates. The software makes it simple to create a cover letter that matches the style of your resume for added effect. It also provides prewritten phrases for your job description or summary statement in case you are unsure of what to say in those spaces.

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better team

MyPerfectCoverLetter offers more than 20 job-specific cover letter templates that have been carefully put together by industry professionals. Once selected, a template can be updated to create a unique and professional cover letter with the help of step-by-step guidance, hints, and tips.

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250+ cover letter examples to help
you build your cover letter

Not sure where to start? Check out our 250+ industry-specific cover letter examples and get inspired to write your own. And, if you’re looking for more, we have examples for any situation: career change, employment gap, entry-level job and more! You’ll find an example that works just for you.




Career change


Employment gap


Entry-level job


Looking for a resume examples? Look no further than our resume samples library!

Cover Letter Builder FAQ

What is a cover letter builder?

A cover letter builder is an online cover letter creator. My Perfect Resume’s Cover Letter Builder helps job seekers create a cover letter from scratch or update their existing cover letter. Our tools make it easy to customize a new cover letter for each job, match a cover letter to a resume and make edits on the fly. When finished, simply save your cover letter in multiple file formats and send it to your target job.

What is the best cover letter generator?

The best cover letter generator will be the one that provides you with features beyond writing and editing. It should give you expert-backed suggestions, step-by-step guidance, editing features and be easy to use. MyPerfectResume’s online cover letter builder fulfills those needs and more with ATS-friendly templates, professional designs and industry-specific examples. The entire process is optimized to create professional, effective cover letters.

What is the best free cover letter builder?

MyPerfectResume’s cover letter builder is free to try. Also, in the cover letter builder is free to download a cover letter in plain text (.TXT) format. With the Full Access plan, you would have even more exclusive features available, like expert suggestions, downloads in multiple formats and complete access to the Resume Builder.

And save time with our free cover letter builder. Create an effective cover letter backed by expert suggestions in minutes. Just choose, edit and save. Need more time? Save your cover letter to add, edit or change completely. Once you’re finished, you can download it and start applying!

Can I customize my cover letter using your cover letter generator?

Yes, you can customize your cover letter in our cover letter builder. MyPerfectResume’s cover letter builder gives you options to choose from based on your resume, skills and advice from our certified career professionals. For example, you can select an expert suggestion as one of your paragraphs and then make any changes to give the cover letter your style.

Can I upload my existing cover letter and edit it using your cover letter builder?

Yes, you can upload an existing cover letter to our cover letter generator. Simply upload as you normally would, and the builder will reformat the letter to your chosen template. Then, you can customize it to your desired job and add your personal touch.

Can I make more than one cover letter with your cover letter maker?

Yes, you can make more than one cover letter in our cover letter maker. The builder allows you to save any letters and continue working on them later. You also can save the letter and change the template design. Through the Full Access plan, you can download it in multiple formats.

Is your cover letter generator ATS-friendly?

Yes, our cover letter generator will create an ATS-compliant letter. Applicant tracking software is becoming more ubiquitous, which means your cover letter needs to pass the system to get into the right hands. Our professionally designed cover letter templates make sure you pass with flying colors.

Where can I make a resume to send with my cover letter?

You can build a resume in MyPerfectResume’s resume generator. Our resume builder provides features to build a resume that excels. Just like the cover letter builder, it provides step-by-step guidance, professionally designed ATS-friendly resume templates and, through our Full Access Plan, Resume Score and Resume Check. One Full Access Plan allows access to both the cover letter and resume builders, so you can create a resume and cover letter match to apply to the job that could change your career.

MyPerfectResume also offers expert-written articles on how to write a resume.

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