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Our Cover Letter Generator helps you create a professional cover letter easily — proven to get you hired 33% faster.[1]

  • Use our professional cover letter designs.
  • Use our expert advice and suggestions.
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Cover Letter

Why use a cover letter builder?

The first step to impressing a potential employer is to write an impressive cover letter for your job application. Our Cover Letter Generator will help you create a great document, no matter if you’re a first-time job seeker, switching industries, or looking to move up the career ladder. Just select a template, use our job-specific suggestions to fill out and polish your content, and save and download your letter within minutes. With our cover letter creator, you get easy, fast, professional results every time.

How our Cover Letter Builder can work for you

Professionally designed templates

Don’t struggle to build a cover letter from scratch — our cover letter maker provides over a dozen employer-ready cover letter templates for a great look right out of the gate.

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Job-specific examples

No matter what job you’re applying for, we’ve got you covered. Our Cover Letter Builder provides job-related information and skills you can incorporate into your letter.

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Step-by-step guidance

Our Cover Letter Builder contains expert tips to help you feature the right content in your letter — every step of the way, from opening to closing.

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Easy customization for different jobs

Tailor your cover letter to fit any job opportunity, and create and save as many versions of your document as you want.

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Complement your resume’s look

Create a unified look for your job application by using our Resume Builder to create a resume that matches your cover letter’s design.

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Export in Seconds

When you’re done with your cover letter, download it to your computer as a PDF, plain text or Word document, SVG or JPEG.

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Use our professionally-designed templates for your cover letter

Our cover letter generator features top-notch templates for a top-notch look. Just select a featured template below, or go to our cover letter templates page to get started.

Build a cover letter in 4 easy steps

1 Select a template.

Choose from our wide range of cover letter templates, suitable for any situation. Cover letter experts create our designs to be both visually striking and readable.

Select Template Mobile

2 Tell us about the job you want.

Fill out our simple questionnaire about the position you want and the company you’re applying to.

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3 Tell us about your experience and skills.

Our Cover Letter Builder will fill out the most important sections of your cover letter based on your experience, skills and work style.

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4 Edit and download.

Once your cover letter is built, read it over and polish it as needed, adding your personality to the letter and ensuring all the details are correct and fit the job you want. When you’re satisfied with the final result, choose from a selection of commonly used formats and download your letter.

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Create a cover letter for any situation

Our cover letter maker can produce the right letter for all of these common situations. Just use the examples below, or visit our cover letter examples page for more samples to model your letter. You can also visit our how to write a cover letter page for complete tips on constructing your letter.

Standard cover letter

Pinpoint skills and experiences that fit the job and explain to hiring managers what excites you about the company.

Entry-level job

Since you won’t have extensive professional experience to fall back on, focus on skills and training you already have and your enthusiasm and readiness to learn quickly.

Career change

This is your chance to provide context for why you want to change careers. Stress skills and experiences from previous jobs that can transfer to a new position. Note your readiness to work a little harder and quickly pick up new skills, and explain why you think your new career is a good fit for you.

Employment gap

Follow the lead of this cover letter example and stress skills and experiences you’ve picked up even when you’ve been away from full-time work. Prove to the company you’re ready to dive back into employment by explaining your specific interest in the job.

“Cold Call”

This kind of letter is all about introducing yourself to a prospective employer and informing them of traits and abilities you have that can make a positive impact should a position open up.

Professional connection

Having a professional connection at a company is an effective way to get a good shot at getting the job. As with this example, detail your connection and explain how that connection gives you great insight into the company and how you can contribute.

Temporary-to-permanent position

You’ve put in time as a part-time or contract worker — now’s the time to explain how you’re willing (and deserving) to be elevated to a full-time position. Stress your knowledge of the company’s needs and how you’ve already made a significant impact.

Seeking promotion

As with the temporary-to-permanent example, zero in on the contributions you’ve already made to the company and emphasize the knowledge and skills that give you the advantage over other external and internal candidates for the job.

Cover letter FAQ

What is a cover letter builder?

A cover letter builder is an app that helps you create a cover letter that accompanies your resume. Ideally, a builder should provide easy-to-follow guidance on creating an organized letter that addresses an employer’s needs and produce a letter in a neat, professional layout. Our online cover letter creator provides all of the above.

Is it OK to use a cover letter builder?

You might be skeptical about using a cover letter builder — after all, why use a builder if the letter ends up looking depersonalized or “generic”? Or maybe you have doubts that a builder can create a compelling letter for your particular situation. Think of our cover letter maker as a useful tool that will take you most of the way towards a perfect letter, with the final touches added by you. Use our content suggestions as a guideline, and then “refine” the content with details, facts and information about yourself that will create a perfect blend of professional credentials and personal insights.

How do I design and format my cover letter?

If you want to create a letter on your own, we’ve got cover letter layout tips for you — but for a true no-muss, no-fuss experience that results in a polished, error-free letter, we recommend using our Cover Letter Builder, along with these key cover letter formatting tips.

What are the major points I should hit in a cover letter?

At heart, a cover letter should address these four points:

  1. Why you want the job
  2. How you’re prepared to handle the daily requirements of the job
  3. How you can fit in and adapt to the company’s culture
  4. How you can help the company move forward

For more guidance on best presenting yourself in your letter, see our article Cover Letter Tips: 4 Showstoppers to Get You Noticed.

How do I strike the right tone in my cover letter?

Your tone will depend on the company’s culture and your connections with the company. If you’re applying for the job because you know someone at the organization, keep your tone professional and collegial, explaining your connection upfront. Otherwise, base your tone on the image the company projects in public. A creative, out-of-the-box company is more apt to respond to a cover letter that is professional yet friendly and engaging. In contrast, a company with a more traditional or conservative work culture will appreciate a more formal tone. For related tips, visit our Cover Letter Dos and Don’ts page.

How should my cover letter complement my resume?

Don’t repeat the information your resume provides. Instead, focus on a few accomplishments and skills that best represent you as an employee in your letter, matching them to what the potential job requires. You should also use the cover letter to give employers an idea of who you are and how you approach work — a little dash of your personality will help you stand out from other applicants.

Finally, present yourself as the answer to the question: “Are you the best person for the job?” Describe how you can specifically help the company and the value you can bring to the job. For more cover letter writing tips, see our entire lineup of cover letter writing guides, and to get a head-start on creating a perfect resume, visit our How to Write a Resume section.

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